APEDA Registration

APEDA is an acronym for Agricultural and Processed Food Product Export Development Authority. It is an executive organization that was created in 1985 as a result of a law intended to expand and promote the export of items that were planned. It offers financial support, data, and guidance for the creation of planned products. Schedule products are those products that are listed under the APEDA Act, and exporters who wish to export such scheduled products must register themselves under APEDA.

Contribution of APEDA to Export and Industrial Investment

It also moves in the direction of offering financial support for the planned products while also issuing guidelines and disseminating details on how those items are coming along.

By making a significant contribution to India's overall exports and a small portion of all industrial investment, agriculture plays a significant role in the Indian economy. The government's policies only make it achievable for the agriculture and processed food products industries to move identically in the path of growth and extension.

The Government of India has created the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, which has the responsibility of carrying out export promotion and development activities for the scheduled products.

Benefits of APEDA Registration

There are the following advantages of APEDA:

  • Provides legality:- APEDA provides legal protection to companies, so if any organization wants to export any scheduled products then they must get APEDA registration.
  • Increase the growth and development of export infrastructure:- The exporter can avail of APEDA subsidies for growing and developing the export of infrastructure. and market development activities after the registration is completed. 
  • Make exporters aware:- Exporters need to be aware of trending export standards quality, trade fairs, infrastructure support, and agricultural exchange reports. APEDA can help them to be aware of all these things.
  • Increases eligibility:- Obtaining APEDA registration can make you eligible to attend several training programs that are conducted by APEDA for the development of business and skills.
  • Provide guidelines:- Enhance business and skills development. Apeda provides guidelines and instructions to the exporters about the various scheduled products.
  • Facilitates obtaining financial assistance:- There are various financial assistance schemes that APEDA registrations help to obtain. 
  • Brand publicity:- The APEDA Registration aids exporters in promoting their brands in the marketplace.

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What products are included in the lists provided by the APEDA?

  • Dairy Goods
  • Bakery goods, confections, and biscuits
  • Products Made of Honey, Jaggery, and Sugar
  • Animal Products and Meat
  • Chicken and Chicken Products
  • Products made using cocoa and chocolate of every kind
  • Beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic
  • Breakfast Foods and Related Items
  • Walnuts, Peanuts, and Groundnuts
  • Chutney, Papad, and Pickles
  • Gum agar
  • Plant Culture and Plant Products
  • Medicinal and herbal plants.

Required Documents to Register under APEDA in India

  • A completed and signed APEDA application form
  • A copy of the D.G.F.T. import-export code.
  • Bank information and a certification that has been properly signed by authorities.
  • Bank statement of the company's accounts (for the last 2 months).
  • Canceled cheque.
  • A certified copy of the MOA is needed for a corporation, and a partnership deed is needed for a partnership firm. 

The registration process for APEDA

To get APEDA Registration online, the applicant must follow the following steps:

  • Visit website:- To register visit on APEDA website, log in, and tap on the register as a member
  • Provide essential information:- Submit the necessary details such as phone number, Email ID, and IE code, and click the submit button.
  • Generate OTP to confirm:- After submitting details the applicant will receive a one-time password on their mobile no. or email. Filling out is important for confirmation and taking one more step toward APEDA registration. 
  • Fill out the application online:- Fill out the online application with the essential details.

Note: The format of documents should be in JPEG, PDF, or PNG only.

  • The processing of an application:-  One or more sessions can be used to finish an online application by returning to the website and entering the provided OTP. After the information has been entered into the suitable fields, save the data. You can edit the details until online payment is not done.
  • Payment of required APEDA registration fees:- Applicant can complete the payment through debit card, or credit card, and Demand a draft payable to the respective cities in favor of "APEDA" 
  • Operate application number:- After completion of payment, an application number will be operated that can be used in future references.
  • Release of login information:- The login information will be given to the exporter's registered email ID upon the issue of the Registration Cum Membership Certificate. Through the "Exporter Login" link provided, the Exporter may access their account.
  • Check the status:- By selecting the "Track Application" link and entering their IE code and application number, a candidate can check the status of their RCMC application up until it is approved.
  • Again submission of documents:- If the documents have any dissimilarity then the applicant may need to submit the documents again.
  • RCMC approval:- The RCMC must be approved as the last step before the certificate can be viewed using the APEDA Login under the category of "View RCMC Certificate."

The Functions of the APEDA Authority

APEDA has been given the task of developing and promoting planned items for export. APEDA authorities are tasked with carrying out several tasks, including the following:-

Promoting and Developing: APEDA authorities are tasked with encouraging the development and production of the Scheduled items in an export-oriented manner.

Placement of the Standards: The positioning of the standards and specifications for the scheduled items is delegated to APEDA authorities.

Enrolling Those who export: Upon payment of the necessary fees, APEDA authorities register the exporters of the products that are scheduled.

Assistance with packaging and marketing improvements: APEDA authorities are tasked with assisting in the enhancement of the marketing and packaging of the scheduled products.

Examining Products: APEDA authorities have been tasked with assisting in the inspection of items to guarantee their quality.

Reasons behind APEDA Registration Cancellation

There can be the following reasons behind the cancellation of your APEDA registration:

  • Submitting wrong details
  • Breaking rules of registration as mentioned by the registering authority
  • Violation of the registration certificate's terms and restrictions.
  • Failure to export the planned goods for a continuous period of 12 months.

Our Role in Obtaining the Apeda Registration

  • Our consultants will educate you concerning each and every aspect of pedal registration. Including how to get it.
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  • We will ensure a smooth procedure by ensuring proper documentation and evaluation. 
  • The professional consultants of JR Compliance will provide you with proper guidance during the registration procedure.
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