Do you need to apply for a GST application? Have you just enlisted for the GST application? Are you not sure about the ARN application process? Do you know the mandatory documents required for registering application reference numbers?

No worries! We have gathered and stated all the detailed info regarding the ARN.

So, go through all the corresponding information of ARN in the GST Portal to have a crux of essential documents, operations, and ARN status.

What Is the ARN Number In the GST Portal?

The Application Reference Number is typically referred to as ARN. It is a 14-digit number that you can utilize to track the status of the GST application registration. After you have submitted the GST registration application on the GST portal, you will get the ARN number via your enlisted email ID and mobile number. 

The GST ARN number is required to track the GST registration application status up to the GST certificate, and the online GST portal issues- GSTIN. 

What is a Temporary Reference Number (TRN)?

TRN also known as Temporary Reference Number,  is a unique 15-digit reference code. It is generated when you successfully deliver all the fields of PART A on the first page of the new application registration. And, finally, validate your e-mail ID and mobile number by precisely entering the designated OTPs.

How To Track GST Active Status?

If you want to verify the status or validity of an active GST Registration, then go through the mentioned steps below- 

Step 1: Head to the GST Portal

Go to the GST Portal Status. You can also go to and choose Services -> User Services -> Search Taxpayer.

Step 2: Fill in the GSTIN Number

Fill in the GSTIN number of the customer or supplier in the place given and finish the CAPTCHA.

Step 3: GST Registration Application Status

On tapping the search button, the GST portal shows the registration status aside from the status of registration.

Key Documents Required For Registering GST ARN Status (Application Reference Number)

In order to successfully register the GST application registration form 1 and obtain ARN, you will need some obligatory documents, such as

  • To enlist the GST registration application for business objectives, you need to deliver a detailed and comprehensive list of partners or Directors involved in your business. The data should have all the concerned information concerning address proof and identification elements. Keep in mind that you have mentioned in the details that you are establishing a joint venture or partnership.

  • You have to submit business registration proof. Additionally, Memorandum of Association and Certificate of Incorporation Partnership Bonds documents are also required.

  • Address proof of your business site. Subsequent, either a rent agreement/lease agreement allocated by the landlord or an electricity bill for your company location’s owned or rented property.

  • You must enlist a PAN card for your firm before applying for the online GST registration application. All you need is a government ID proof of your firm for filing GST ARN status.

  • Bank account proof of your firm is also mandatory. Subsequently, you also have to submit a canceled cheque to the bank account along with all the data-

  • IFSC code

  • Account holder name

  • MICR and branch-related details of the bank.

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Categorization of GST Application Number Status 

After the GST registration application process is completed, certain types of GST ARN status stages or GST application reference number statuses are submitted. Such as- 

  1. ARN Generated- In this aspect,  you have to complete two parts of the GST REG-01 form – Part A and Part B. 
  2. Pending Clarification- This status indicates that the processing officer has asked for specific clarifications on the involved GST registration application.
  3. Clarification Filed- This status suggests that you have successfully submitted and filed the essential documents or the details against the requested clarifications.
  4. Clarification NOT Filed- In that condition, you must attach and send the complete requested details and documents urgently to the GST online portal.
  5. Application Approved- This status denotes that your clarifications and the entire uploaded documents and details are up to the mark.
  6. Application Rejected- This status signifies that your clarifications and entire uploaded documents and details were unsatisfactory. 

Final Thoughts

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