Have you ever heard from a rickshaw driver, truck driver, or any person who owns a vehicle, and says my vehicle is ARAI Approved? But do you know what ARAI approval is? If not then don’t worry JR compliances is here to tell you all the required information about ARAI registration and approval.

So, the full form of ARAI is the Automotive Research Association of India. ARAI is a completely Indian-based testing agency of vehicles. It was notified by the Government of India under Rule 126 of Center Motor vehicle Rules, 1989.

This ARAI will do research and development about Automobiles in India as well as they will do homologation of Vehicles. You should know the meaning of this homologation process, it is a process of testing any vehicle before going into production we can take an example so you may understand it easily so suppose there is a two-wheeler suppose a bike so before going into production there should be a test which is going to be undergone on it. Like it will test safety conditions test after testing they will say that this two-wheeler is safe to run on Indian roads. This process is known as Homologation.

The ARAI Homologation process is detailed and explained below:-

It is a process through which some authority certifies that a particular vehicle is trustworthy to be driven on Indian roads and matches certain specified rules or criteria imposed by the government of India.

The authority that certifies it is ARAI, the court of law, a government department or etc.

Method of Homologation process in India:-

The homologation process or vehicle homologation is important before selling the vehicle. The methods for the process of homologation are mentioned below:-

  • First of all, the components of the particular vehicle are tested and verified.
  • After the complete process of the verification of the vehicle components, the fitting components in the vehicle are tested. It includes fitting components like electronic subassemblies, car audio systems, etc.
  •  The final test ensures everything in the vehicle is in order and in place.

Why is an ARAI Certificate required?

ARAI is only for safety and security purposes. It assures safety, less polluting vehicles, and more efficient and reliable vehicles. ARAI certifies helps for FAME II subsidy.  It is a must for the verification of the manufacturer’s Conformity of Production (COP). 

(COP-It is to formulate, monitor, and control the policy and actions for Type Approval and Conformity of Production Testing System and procedures).

How to get ARAI Approval?

One who wants to get approval from ARAI should fill out an application and that person has to write all the necessary or required things like he or she has to mentioned which type of vehicle he/she carries after the submission of the application ARAI official, will respond to the application and ask for sending the vehicle for testing.

How the testing of ARAI is done?

The testing of ARAI will go under the CMVR, so now the question arises what is CMVR? CMVR  means Center Motor Vehicles Rules under AIS and it includes control of traffic, construction, and maintenance of motor vehicles there is one more Act that works on the same and that is Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) which came in 1988 and (CMVR) came in 1989. 

Let’s discuss AIS :

AIS is Automated Indian Standard. Several AIS were published by the Automated Research  Association of India as per the rule of AISC. There are different aspects of different AIS. such as
- AIS-001 and AMD. No.1 & AMD. No.2- for Automotive Vehicles - Rear-View Mirrors and Specification     
- AIS-001 (Part 1)(Rev. 1):2011- for Automotive Vehicles- Approval of Devices for Indirect Vision Intended for use on L, M Category, and  N Category with Bodywork Vehicles and Specification.
- AIS-001 (Part 2) (Rev. 1): 2011- for Automotive Vehicles – Approval of Rear View Mirrors Intended for use on L Category Vehicles without Bodywork Partly or Wholly Encloses the Driver and Specification
  • Note: These are some of the examples of AIS, there are many more that exists. 

So coming on testing how it goes under CMVR so once the application is approved by the applicant by ARAI then some internal testing will be gone under from the ARAI. the test can be done for e-rickshaw, electric cars, and electric scooters in India so this process will be done in two things the first is Nodal Agency and the second is Test Agency. 

What are the works of the Nodal and Test Agency:-

We will first mention the work of the nodal agency the work of this agency is to verify the provision of the manufacturer, for example, a manufacturer wants to apply for an ARAI certificate so he needs to submit some documents so these documents will verify those documents.

The work of the Test Agency is that they will test vehicles under lots of conditions like safety conditions and all.

What is the cost of ARAI testing?

Till now we have gotten most of the knowledge about ARAI now we should know the cost of it depends upon the type of hardware of the vehicle and vehicle type.

Types of vehicles eligible for the ARAI Certificate

Obtaining the ARAI Certificate is possible for all different kinds of vehicles, including:


India is the world's top producer of these two-wheeled vehicles, producing everything from mini-scooters and mopeds to motorcycles. The following categories of two-wheeled motor vehicles are eligible for the ARAI certificate:

Petrol, diesel, CNG, and LPG cars with engines larger than 25 cc Electric vehicles with a maximum design speed of more than 25 kmph.


Due to their straightforward construction and simplicity of usage, three-wheelers are widely used in India, particularly in metropolitan areas. These three-wheelers are made by manufacturers to satisfy regional demand. The following categories of three-wheelers are eligible for an ARAI Certificate:

  • carriers of passengers or goods.
  • constructed vehicles.
  • a vehicle that isn't complete in the form of a Drive Away Chassis for automobiles with engines larger than 25 ccs.
  • Electric vehicles can go faster than 25 kph and have greater power than four-wheelers.

Four-wheelers belonging to the following categories are given an ARAI Certificate:

  • Transporters of passengers and goods.
  • constructed vehicles.
  • Drive Away Chassis is an incomplete form of a vehicle.
  • Vehicles with an engine capacity of more than 25cc in petrol, diesel, CNG, or LPG
  • EVs with more than 250W.

Tractor for Agriculture:

The usage of agricultural tractors is not limited to farms and fields. They can be used for moving around. The CMVR includes coverage for agricultural tractors.

Vehicle for Construction Equipment (CEV):

CEVs are not used for transportation. It is incidental to operate these cars on public roads. These are utilized in order to adhere to the Central Motor vehicles Rules, which include various requirements relating to design safety and pollution.

ARAI Certificate documentation :

The following documents are necessary to receive the ARAI Certificate:

  • Application in the format required.
  • The conformity reports.
  • Results of tests performed using the recommended technique.
  • A representative test.
  • Additional required paperwork.
Procedure to obtain ARAI Certificate:
An individual who wants to obtain an ARAI certificate needs to determine the type of vehicle and engine he/she is carrying.
The second essential step is to obtain the certification for the verification of the manufacturer’s conformity of production.
Fill out the application form for the type of vehicle and engine the applicant carries.
The agency will check the details of the engine that is mentioned in the application form.
If the engine passes the testing, it will grant the ARAI approval certificate.
In case of failure in the test, the engine is required to modify, repaired, or replace within 3 months, or else the applicant will have to submit a new application again.
  • Duration of ARAI Approval :

The duration of getting ARAI is not much, for an Indian manufacturer, it takes around 1 month to obtain an ARAI approval certificate. On the other hand, it takes around 2 months for foreign manufacturers to obtain the same certificate. 

Our Role in Obtaining the ARAI Approval :

  • Our ARAI registration consultants will educate you concerning each and every aspect of the approval, including how to get a certificate for the same.
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  • JR compliance will ensure proper documentation, evaluation, and testing to obtain the approval and certificate. 
  • Our ARAI certification consultants will serve you with proper guidance during the procedure.
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  • In case of queries, we will provide you with the best possible solution for your concerns regarding ARAI certification/ registration.


To conclude, JR Compliance can assist you in obtaining the ARAI approval by ensuring proper documentation, evaluation, testing, etc because acquiring approval/certification could be monotonous. furthermore, to give our client each aspect of the ARAI, our end-to-end consultancy will educate you regarding the same, including how to get approval for the same.