Are you prepared for the BIS CRS Registration Checklist

BIS regulates the Compulsory Registration Scheme, which is under Scheme II of Schedule II of the BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018. 

To simplify with an example, Ravi wanted to buy a new electric iron. At the store, he noticed a BIS mark on some of the irons but not on others. The sales assistant explained that the BIS mark means the iron complies with Indian safety standards under the CRS. Ravi chose a BIS-certified iron, knowing it was tested for safety and quality, preventing electrical hazards.

BIS is the body that indicates the quality of the product, either from a brand or manufacturer. It verifies that the product is secure and reliable for customers, depending on the standards set by BIS.

Under BIS CRS registration, electronic products, either domestically produced or imported, have to clear the testing to obtain the certificate.

The list of products covered by BIS CRS is not limited to power adapters, mobile phones, point of sale terminals, smartwatches, and recessed more will be added to the list of products that are constantly rising to affirm the customer's credibility and safety. Check the article's product list for CRS registration to get your BIS Certificate.

BIS CRS Certification Document Checklist

  1. Form I
  2. Business License
  3. ISO certification
  4. Brand Trademark
  5. Brand Authorization letter or Brand declaration letter
  6. Affidavit
  7. Nomination letter
  8. AIR ID Proof
  9. AIR Authorization letter
  10. AIR Company GST.
  11. Test report
  12. Critical component list
  13. Undertaking

To see the extracted list of documents from the official site, check out the BIS CRS Documents.

Checklist for CRS Certification process

  1. The manufacturer's profile will be set up on the BIS site.
  2. The Test Report Format (TRF) will be created for a BIS-approved laboratory.
  3. After TRF evolution, the lab will submit the report to the BIS portal using the client's profile information.
  4. Foreign candidates have to choose an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) and submit an affidavit and undertaking as per Form A/B. While Indian applicants must provide an affidavit and undertaking in Format C.
  5. Furthermore, the online form will be submitted along with the necessary papers and the required cost.
  6. The certificate will be issued based on testing, not a factory inspection; hence, you will acquire the CRS certificate if your product fulfills the BIS (CRS) criteria.

Benefits of BIS CRS certification

  • Automation software, such as central reservation systems, may help you eliminate all of the errors in data collection.
  • CRS strives to save both time and money. You may access your data from anywhere in the world without the need for servers or subscription plans.
  • A CRS promotes long-term connections by recognizing consumers' purchase patterns and recording relevant information to better understand them.
  • A central reservation system is compatible with a variety of distribution and property management systems, allowing for smooth data flow.
  • A CRS also allows for the implementation of multi-channel marketing strategies, which boosts your online visibility and bookings.

Visit here for a checklist of the products under the BIS CRS certification.


To conclude, in this article, all the necessary information regarding the BIS CRS registration checklist is mentioned above. If you find this blog informative and helpful, then do visit other blogs, as they are insightful and easy to understand. For BIS CRS certification, reach out to the best BIS CRS Consultant in India, i.e., JR Compliance, and obtain the BIS license.