Several brands sell a vast variety of computer/ laptop and IT products in India, which differ in accordance with the budget, mid-range, premium, and other needs/ requirements. And of course, if your buyer is investing a handsome amount in a laptop/ computer and other IT products - they want a reliable and high-quality product and if you won’t provide the best, you will lose a consumer - that’s a loss.

And we are positive that you don’t want that, hundreds and thousands of computer/ laptop and IT product companies are present in the market and each requires a BIS certificate for computer/ laptop and IT products to enter the Indian market. 

No doubt, India could provide great opportunities for electronic and IT products manufacturers/ sellers, considering that - 

  • In the year 2020, the IT industry accounted for 8% of GDP.
  • In the year 2021, the estimated value of the IT industry increased by USD 194 billion
  • The Indian electronic industry is estimated that its value will increase to USD 300 billion by 2025
  • To give a push to the electronic industry, budget 2022 includes several policies and measures, for instance, lowering the price of chargers.

The estimated data clearly indicates the constant growth of the electronic and IT sectors. However, the need to obtain a BIS certificate for computers/laptops or a BIS certificate for IT products remains the same.

For a more clear understanding of which BIS certificate is applicable to computer/ laptop and IT products - let’s move to the next section.

Which BIS Certificate is Applicable to Electronic and IT Products?

We all have come across a new mobile phone set on fire due to internal heating, it might be the consequence of selling uncertified electronic and IT products, and probably that’s why certain electronic standards or standards for IT products have been formed for the security of final consumers. 

If you know, that a BIS certificate is applicable to electronic and IT products, we assume that you are already aware of the fact that, BIS includes three distinct types of certification schemes -

BIS Certificate For Computer/ Laptop and IT Products

Out of the three mentioned schemes, CRS is applicable to electronic and IT products. It is basically a scheme under Scheme II or Schedule II of BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018. Under this scheme, several guidelines have been prescribed that evince product quality.

CRS is applicable to electronic products, either produced domestically or in a foreign country, which need to be tested to enter the Indian market. CRS was implemented with the purpose to manufacture secure electronic and electric products in the Indian market for consumers constantly, and several products are being added to this list, till now it includes a total of 77 products.

Hence, be it manufacturing electronic, electric, or IT products, you are required to CRS to enter the Indian market. With that, let's see, the benefits of obtaining a CRS certification.

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What Are the Benefits of Obtaining CRS Certification?

CRS certification offers several benefits, not only to consumers but to manufacturers/ sellers too -

BIS Certificate For Computer/ Laptop and IT Products

  • Provides tested and certified products to check whether a product meets the prescribed guidelines or not is tested in a laboratory.
  • Easy access to the Indian market, a tested and certified product allows a manufacturer to easily cross the threshold of consumer acceptance of a product.
  • Prevent you from the imposition of penalty - debarment or fine of up to 2 years or 2 lakh, respectively.
  • A tested and certified product builds credibility and trustworthiness of a product.

These are some of the major benefits of obtaining a BIS certificate for computers/ laptops or a BIS certificate for IT products. Though, to obtain a CRS certificate, you need to be aware of the process of certification, documents required for CRS, and more.

Now that we know what CRS certification is and its benefits, let’s move to the CRS certification process.

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What is the Procedure to Get a BIS Certificate For Computer/ Laptop and IT products? | CRS Certification Process

BIS Certificate For Computer/ Laptop and IT Products

  • The manufacturer’s profile will be created on the BIS portal.
  • The Test Report Format (TRF) will be generated for a BIS-accredited laboratory. 
  • After TRF generation, the lab will submit the report under the client’s profile on the BIS portal.
  • Foreign applicants will duly appoint an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) and must submit an affidavit cum undertaking as per Form A/B. While Indian applicants must submit an affidavit cum undertaking as per Format C.
  • Furthermore, the online form will be submitted along with the required documents followed by the required fee.
  • The certificate will be granted based on testing, not based on the factory visit, consequently, the CRS certificate will be obtained if your product complies with the BIS (CRS) requirements.

These six seamless steps are involved in applying for a BIS certificate for computer/ laptop or BIS certificate for IT products - a seamless procedure to meet your compliance requirements. Although, applying for a BIS CRS certificate could be quite comprehensive, considering that it includes several activities which a layman might not be able to complete due to lack of knowledge.

Nothing to worry about, because we have an integrated approach to meet your compliance requirements with a snap of fingers. To make it more clear to you, let’s see, what will be our role in getting a BIS certificate for computer/ laptop and IT products.

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How Will JR Compliance Meet Your CRS Certification Compliance Requirements?

  • We assist you to know whether a product falls under the purview of BIS.
  • For comprehensible guidance, we will first scrutinize the certification requirements of a product.
  • We will provide you with information regarding the number of samples required for product testing because product sample requirement differs depending on product type.
  • We will educate you about the BIS CRS registration process, benefits, and documents required, including any query you may have regarding the same.
  • Being a reputed BIS consultant, we will provide you with technical and non-technical support.
  • JR Compliance offers competitive and excellent services to our clients by meeting the startled queries/demands of BIS.
  • To ensure the utmost convenience for our client, we will also assist you in the customs clearance of the sample product.
  • To meet your expectations we invest our efforts in day-to-day visits to the BIS office on your behalf if required.
  • We are available 24*7 to make sure our clients get what they expect from us, thus, we will provide you with the finest solution to your queries.


As mentioned, applying for a BIS certificate for a computer/ laptop or a BIS certificate for IT products includes a comprehensive process, which creates issues due to a lack of knowledge for a layman, which is a professional approach necessary to get your certificate online without any error.

JR Compliance - a leading compliance service provider in Delhi, has served over 1000+ global brands, including having worked on 10,000+ BIS projects which makes them a prominent choice to meet your compliance requirements. We are the perfect choice to get a BIS certificate, EPR approval, DPCC authorization, and other compliance-related queries.