According to the statistical data for the financial year 2021, the sales of two-wheelers hit 15.12 million units. 

Thus, creating a large space for helmet manufacturers to acquire prosperous sales. However, being a part of this market, BIS Registration for helmets is a mandatory requirement as it indicates that a helmet has met the safety standards. 

However, an earlier BIS Registration was not an obligatory requirement until a new notification dated November 26, 2020, which signifies that the Indian Standard Mark under Scheme - I of Schedule - II makes it mandatory to implement an ISI mark on helmets.

However, it was applicable this year from June 1, 2021

The fundamental motive to make ISI mark for helmet necessity is to encourage the sale of high-quality helmets and to improve safety. 

While it begs a question, as it is well known, that an Indian manufacturer has to obtain an ISI certificate, however, under which scheme does a foreign manufacturer have to obtain a license for a helmet? 

Similar to all the products under the purview of BIS Scheme - I of Schedule - II, a foreign manufacturer must obtain a license under the Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS)

Now, let’s know more about these certification schemes under BIS. 

Type of Certification Schemes Applicable on a Helmet

 BIS Certificate For Helmet | FMCS & ISI Mark Helmet

ISI and FMCS are two certification schemes applicable to a helmet. As their full form specifies, the Indian Standards Institution (ISI) is applicable to the Indian manufacturers, on the contrary, the Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS) is applicable to foreign manufacturers. 

Here, let’s move to the definition of these certifications -

ISI mark - It confirms that a product has met the safety standards, thus ensuring that a product abides by the established Indian Standards. Moreover, providing ISI marks to a manufacturer includes activities such as product testing, product analysis, factory inspection, and more. 

FMCS certification - It confirms that a product manufactured in a foreign country meets Indian standards. Just like the ISI mark, FMCS is also an obligatory requirement to sell or distribute helmets (or other products under its purview) in the Indian market. Also, it includes product testing, factory inspection, and more to obtain it.

In brief, a BIS certificate for helmets for either - Indian or Foreign manufacturers are mandatory requirement, without which a product can not enter the Indian market. 

As we have discussed the applicable BIS certificate for a helmet or BIS Mark Helmet, let’s see what’s the procedure to obtain a BIS certificate for a helmet -

BIS Certificate For Helmet | FMCS & ISI Mark Helmet | BIS Mark Helmet

Below-mentioned are the certification schemes applicable to a helmet -

ISI Certification Process (ISI Mark Helmet Process)

BIS Certificate For Helmet

  • An application will be duly submitted.
  • A factory inspection will be carried out.
  • During factory inspection, a product sample will be withdrawn for product testing.
  • The product test report will be reviewed.
  • If a product meets the established standards, an ISI certificate will be issued.

FMCS Certification Process

BIS Certificate For Helmet

  • An application will be duly filled out along with the required documents.
  • Along with the submission of the form, a requisite fee will be paid, after which a factory inspection will be conducted.
  • During factory inspection, product samples will be withdrawn.
  • The registration process will move forward, once it has been verified by the factory inspection and product test report that a product complies with the BIS standards.
  • Prior to the grant of a license, an applicant is required to pay a license fee and advance minimum marking fee.
  • Once payment has been made, an agreement and Indemnity bond will be signed, and a USD dollar 10,000 Performance Bank Guarantee needs to be immediately furnished after a grant of license.
  • If a product complies with BIS standards, an FMCS certificate will be issued.

How We Will Help You With a BIS Certificate For a Helmet?

Our Role in Product Analysis

  • We will invest our efforts in analyzing whether a product falls under the purview of BIS or not.
  • We will conduct a product analysis to understand the product functions and components to know the applicable standard for a particular product.
  • We will check whether a product complies with the BIS standards or not. Then accordingly provide you assistance as per requirements. 

Our Role in Form Submission, Documentation, and Application Tracking

  • Our customers can rely on us completely to ensure the timely submission of forms, avoiding all the inaccuracies.
  • To ensure the convenience of your clients, we guarantee to submit the documents accurately, including providing you assistance in obtaining documents if you lack any.
  • Once the application submission will be submitted successfully, we will track the application.

How Will We Ensure To Meet Established Standards?

Product testing and factory inspections are important aspects to emphasize to signify that established standards have been met. Here is how we will help you with factory inspection and product testing -

  • If you lack an in-house test facility (which is essential to check the quality of the product) we will help you in establishing one. 
  • We will conduct a pre-audit to ensure the manufacturing unit and production process conforms to the established requirements of FMCS & ISI Mark Helmet.
  • We will schedule a meeting with a BIS officer to conduct a factory inspection.
  • To ensure timely and accurate product testing, we will directly coordinate with the laboratory. 


As mentioned, the BIS certificate for helmets or ISI Mark Helmets is an obligatory requirement to sell or distribute helmets in the Indian market because it reflects that a product has met safety standards. Thus, ensuring the safety of the final consumers. 

We - JR Compliance understands the complications an individual can face during the certification process. That’s why to make certification hassle-free, we have an integrated approach to meet all your certification requirements. Be it documentation, product analyses, factory audits, coordinating with officials, and more - we have got you covered.

Contact our BIS Licence Consultants for more information regarding the BIS Mark Helmet.