Would you rather obtain a BIS certification Online for electronic products to enter the Indian Electronics Market worth $118 billion or remain restricted to your domestic country only?

India is one of the consistently growing electronic markets with the estimated value of India’s digital economy being $1 trillion by the year 2025.

Moreover, initiatives like “Digital India” and “Smart City” are consistently increasing the demand for IoT and improving the new dimensions of electronic products.

However, the growth in the electronic market is equivalent to more opportunities for a manufacturer to enter the Indian market. 

Although, BIS certification for electronic products is an obligatory requirement to sell or distribute electronic products in India as it signifies that a product meets the safety requirements. That gives rise to - which BIS certification scheme is applicable for electronic products.

The Compulsory Registration Scheme is applicable to electronic products - it has been implemented for protection against electric shock, insulation resistance, electric strength, cap temperature rise, resistance to heat, and more. 

Therefore, making an electronic product safe. Now, before understanding the BIS certification for electronic products, let’s have a look at what CRS certification is. 

BIS Certification Scheme Applicable to Electronic Products

BIS includes three certification schemes that are applicable to different product categories -

BIS Certification For Electronic Products

However, as mentioned, only the CRS certification scheme is applicable to electronic products

CRS is basically a BIS certification scheme under Scheme - II of Schedule - II, and it is applicable to Indian or Foreign manufacturers. The fundamental motive of introducing CRS is to manufacture quality products for Indian consumers, thus, not only benefitting the consumers but also providing manufacturers a competitive advantage over consumers. 

Let’s understand what is ISI mark for electrical appliances -

ISI mark for electrical appliances -

As mentioned, the CRS certificate is applicable to electronic and electrical appliances. Thus, there is no ISI mark for electrical appliances that exist, as ISI mark certification is applicable to products such as cattle feed, interlocking tiles, and other products, excluding electric and electronic products.

Below mentioned are some of the products under the purview of CRS BIS -

BIS Certification For Electronic Products

  • Microwave oven
  • Mobile phone
  • Set-top box
  • LED lights
  • Keyboards
  • Digital cameras
  • Laptops
  • Notebooks
  • Tablets
  • Electronic games
  • Passport reader
  • Smart card reader
  • Passport reader and more

Since now you are aware of what CRS is and the products it includes, let’s move to how to obtain it -

CRS BIS Certification For Electronic Products (Certification Process)

BIS Certification For Electronic Products

  • An application will be duly filed.
  • The Test Report Format (TRF) will be generated for an accredited laboratory.
  • Once TRF will be generated, it will be submitted under the applicant’s profile on the BIS portal.
  • An Indian applicant will be required to submit an affidavit cum undertaking in accordance with Form C. While a foreign applicant is required to appoint an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) and should submit the affidavit cum undertaking as per Form A or B.
  • Thereafter, an application form will be submitted along with the required documents and the requisite fee.
  • A CRS certificate will be provided depending on the product's conformance with the established requirements. 

How does JR Compliance Make CRS Certification Seamless?

  • Our CRS consultants will conduct a product analysis to understand the component or functions of the product. 
  • Once understand a product’s components, the certification process will move forward as we will be aware of the applicable requirements for a product.
  • We will use our resources to inform you of the number of product samples required for testing because the sample requirement of the product differs depending on the product.
  • Our consultants will assist you in the customs clearance of products.
  • We will invest our resources and expertise in coordinating with the laboratory to ensure appropriate follow-ups and acknowledgments.
  • Our CRS consultants will take care of the certification requirements of Indian and foreign manufacturers.
  • If required we will also visit the BIS office on your behalf.
  • To ensure client satisfaction and convenience, our CRS consultants will provide 24*7 support to solve any query you may have.


Meeting the CRS certification requirements includes a number of activities - be it documentation, customs clearance of samples, coordinating with officials or laboratory, and more. These activities make CRS certification quite complex, thus challenging, especially for a layman. 

We - JR Compliance with experience of over 9+ years guarantee to establish real-time expectations and meet them by following the established requirements. We have got you covered - be it completing documentation, complying with the established standards, coordinating with officials, or whatnot, consider it done with our support.