BIS Certificate for Derby Shoes:

This standard IS 17043: 2018 prescribes the constructional and performance requirements of derby shoes. Basically, derby shoes are used by the armed forces/ police forces. These shoes are used for daily wear and for marching purposes. Derby footwear is used for daily use.

IS Standard 17043: 2018 was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards after the draft was finalized by the Footwear Sectional Committee had been approved by the Chemical Division Council. This standard is being developed under the scope of “Make in India 1.0” 

Product testing is very essential, let’s have a look at the importance of the product.

  • The main purpose of testing is the quality assurance of a product that reflects high quality, safety, and reliability. A positive declaration that the product is up to the requirement and expectation, then it will be effortless for the customer to trust that particular product. 
  • Product testing allows the manufacturer to ensure conformance with established technical standards to produce high-quality and safe products.
  • Build reputation and maximize profit, considering that a tested product indicates quality assurance. 
  •  A tested product helps in retaining customers, thus, provides a competitive edge
  • Helps in understanding distinct types of stress a product can endure, be it in case of weather, wear and tear, and other conditions.
  • In the initial prototyping stage, if you are trying to avail investment in order to manufacture your product in mass quantities, a tested product can allow you to achieve patent and investors as it shows the quality and functionality of the product.

With the benefits of product testing, we can clearly estimate how testing ensures quality assurance and product credibility. For a better understanding, let’s have a look at an example, 

Through product testing, it can be easily proved that Derby shoes are safe to use, however, in case of any defects, it will be found during product testing.

Since, it has been established how essential product testing is, now let’s move to the benefits of complying with standards.

There are numerous advantages of the BIS Certificate for Derby shoes, let’s have a look at those benefits : 

A  BIS certificate offers numerous benefits to manufacturers and importers of the product, which further helps in building trustworthiness and reliability, thus retaining customers.

Why, don’t we look at other benefits of the same -

  • Act as a shelter :
    A certified product acts as a shield against penalties and fines which could be imposed for not certifying a product.

  • Gives evidence:

    A certified product serves as evidence that a product has been tested and certified as per prescribed standards.

  • Acknowledgment by customers :
    A certified product provides a sense of security and safety to the consumers, thus ensuring easy acceptance.

  • Maximize the profit :

    It provides a competitive advantage over competitors, though also builds a brand reputation.

  • Widely accepted: 

    Easy market acceptance as a product is tested and certified.

  • Unbeaten quality:

    Confirm the unmatched quality standards and also it is seamless to file government tenders.

With these benefits of ensuring conformance with standards and specifications, a manufacturer can establish that a product is safe, reliable, and credible, thus, confirming unmatched quality standards.

Now have a look at the physical requirements that the derby shoes shall conform to:

There are many requirements, so let’s get started :

  • General :
  1. Design
  2. Whole footwear 
  3. Upper 
  4. Lining material
  5. Insole
  6. Insocks
  7. Counter stiffener
  8. Collar
  9. Tongue
  10.  Closing thread
  11. Outsole
  12.  D rings and hooks
  13.  Laces

For the purpose of this standard, all the definitions given in the IS 2050, 3 of IS 15298 (Part 4) and the following shall apply:

  • Defective Footwear : 

The footwear which has one or more than one defect (with respect to the quality characteristics) 

  • Lot : 

    A bunch of footwear in the consignment that belongs to the same size, same pattern, or batch of manufacture. In the case of the batch size, as if it is small, all the footwear of the small sizes and manufactured during a period not exceeding a fortnight, may be grouped together to form a lot. 

  • Defect:
    Any fault regarding the product, that does not satisfy specified physical or any other chemical requirements or if the product is damaged due to irregular packaging or any other carelessness. In addition, if it includes any irregularity in material or in workmanship. 

  • (AQL) Acceptable Quality Level :

    The percentage of defective products in a lot, for the purpose of sampling footwear, can be considered as a satisfactory process for an average for a given characteristic. 

Product of scope : 

This standard prescribes the requirements, methods of sampling, and tests for derby shoes made from leather with direct moulded PU - rubber soles.  

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IS 17043 is an Indian Standard, For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of this standard is complied with the final value, observed or calculated, expressing the result of a test or analysis. Keeping the importance of conformance with compliance in mind, we - JR Compliance, a ls shall be rounded off in accordance with IS 2: 1960 ‘Rules for rounding off numerical values and also, to introduce your product in the Indian market, it’s very necessary to comply with standing compliance service provider are equipped with experts and resources to provide you with above and beyond support to obtain a BIS certificate.

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