BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) confirmed the 2023  update on certification for the grey iron cast. Do you want your product to be secure and credible? Read further.

As per the government, It is mandated to take a BIS ISI certificate for grey cast iron for a comprehensive quality control check. It was launched in New Delhi on 24th August 2023 after the 6th month’s date of publication was confirmed by this notification in the official Gazette. The Bureau of Indian Standards confirmed this regulation as a Cast Iron Products order, 2023.

According to BIS confirmation, they shall bear the standard mark under a license as per Scheme-1 of Schedule- II of the BIS as conformity assessment Regulations, 2018.  According to the 2016 Bureau of Indian Standards Act, anyone who contravenes the provisions, and order shall be punishable.

What is the BIS certificate for Grey Cast Iron?

  • BIS market-specialized standards that are made for manufacturers. By obtaining this certificate for their grey cast iron it will make great demand in the Indian market.
  • This certification is essential for the manufacturer to meet the standards of the consumer and tester. The use of grey cast iron has existing standards and risks associated with it, through the test and verification it will be verified and acknowledged as a “good product”

What is the vital role of ISI mark plays for Grey Cast Iron?

  • Grey Cast Iron is a test on your mechanical product according to BIS standards.
  • The process is to melt the iron and solidify which is known as casting.
  • The test is regarding graphite particles inside the iron.
  • The durability of thermal conductivity will, machinability, and graphite flake add to the process of Grey Cast Iron.
  • ISI 210:2009 qualifies standards and specialization required by BIS to certify the mechanical product.

Documents required for BIS Certification:

  • Product category application form
  • ISI Application fee
  • Copy of test report done within a month
  • Trade Mark Registration
  • Proof of manufacturing unit’s address
  • Product Drawings
  • Certificate from concerned regulatory agencies for manufacture
  • Current manufacturing capacity
  • Raw material details
  • Machine details
  • Factor layout plan
  • Manufacturing process details
  • Packaging information
  • Details of testing equipment
  • QC STAFF details
  • Procedure for handling Substandard products
  • Organizational chart of the factory
  • Factory Location Map

To get more information, visit the Official Website.

Procedure of ISI certificate for Grey Cast Iron

Obtaining an ISI certificate for Grey Cast Iron takes a longer process as it checks the quality of the product in several tests such as chemical composition, Microstructure, Tensile test, and others.

The Indian manufacturer can take up exceed amount of time, 30 days. The foreign manufacturer can take up to 180 days.

The process of documents takes time and money, A few major documents for Grey Cast Iron are administrative details, technical details, quality control personal details, and commercial details. To check the entire information visit the BIS website.

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