Solar panels - an environmentally friendly approach to using electricity, however, with an abundance of benefits from secure investment to increased access to energy - solar panels are quite popular. Conversely, like two sides of the same coin, our eco-friendly solar panels can also be a great source of waste like toxic lead.

And if it leaches out into the environment, it could create environmental hazards, for instance, if you are manufacturing CdTe solar panels, its element cadmium is harmful to the environment, on the other hand, Gallium arsenide panels contain hazardous arsenic. Thus, the toxic nature of solar panels impacts the environment in the worst possible way. 

How to Get BIS Certification For Solar Panels?

Then, another reason for making BIS certification for solar panels a mandatory requirement could be quality. Solar panels are highly fragile and break easily - it is of low quality. Considering this, BIS certification is applicable to solar panels to ensure that it is safe, secure, and high-quality

Statistically, by November 30, 2021, India was utilizing 48.556 GW of solar capacity, while the target was to achieve 20GW by the year 2022, thus, India has achieved its target four years ahead of its schedule. Let’s see it this way, more consumption of solar capacity implies more use of solar panels, thus, more need to get a BIS certification for solar panels. Let’s have a look at which certificate is applicable to solar panels before understanding the benefits of BIS certification for solar panels.

Which BIS Certification is Applicable on Solar Panels?

BIS operates the Compulsory Registration Scheme under Scheme II of Schedule II of BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018. Further, under this, a number of guidelines have also been formed.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the body that evinces the quality of the product either of a brand or manufacturer. Further, it verifies that the product is secure and reliable for customers depending on the standards laid by BIS. 

Under CRS, the electronic products either domestically produced or imported have to clear the testing to obtain the certificate. 

To be noted, the conformity of the product will be procured after testing and examination

On 3rd October 2012, the Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012 was passed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity) for different categories of 15 electronic products. 

Under the same order on 13 November 2014, 15 more products were added, for instance, power adapters for IT products, mobile phones, point of sale terminals, a copying machine or duplicators, etc.

The list of products under BIS CRS is not limited to these products only, to ensure safer products, 13 more products were included on 23rd August 2017, some of these products are, LED floodlights, CCTV cameras, or recorders, smartwatches, recessed LED luminaires, so on and forth.

Now, the addition to the list of products is consistently increasing to ensure the credibility and safety of the customer.

What will be the consequences of not obtaining a BIS CRS Certificate?

According to the order, if any product does not conform to the Indian Standard will not be allowed to manufacture, store for selling, importing, or distributing products. 

Thus, you need to acquire CRS certification to manufacture, sell, and import goods in the Indian market. Consequently, you need to complete the registration, documentation, examination, and testing of the product by the BIS-recognized laboratory.

With our 9+ years of industry expertise, we can assist you throughout the process from ensuring proper documentation to coordinating with the BIS officer and laboratory for follow-ups, acknowledgments, etc. 

We have an expert and experienced team who can provide you with the best possible solutions to your queries as well as keep you up-to-date with all the necessary information. 

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How to Get BIS Certification For Solar Panels? | CRS Certification Process

How to Get BIS Certification For Solar Panels?

  1. First, there would be testing and examination to ensure that your product conforms to the laid standards.
  2. Then, there would be documentation to verify that you have all the required documents to fill out the application form.
  3. Additionally, to ensure a smooth registration process our expert team will be directly in contact with the BIS officer.
  4. After proper documentation, the registration form will be submitted along with the registration fee.
  5. As for CRS registration, the factory inspection is not required, we will coordinate with the BIS-recognized laboratory to ensure proper follow-ups.
  6. At last, if your product confirms the Indian Standards, you can obtain the certificate.
  7. After complete registration, you are authorized to use Standard Mark as apprised by BIS.

Moreover, JR Compliance can assist you in ensuring proper documentation, and evaluation. Along with that, our expert team can provide you with recommendations, which will allow you to obtain the CRS BIS certificate effortlessly. 

Along with that, submitting the documents and samples is necessary to initiate the process of obtaining the CRS certificate, in which for sure you will have our proper assistance. With that, let’s move to how we will make the CRS certification process seamless.

How does JR Compliance Help in Obtaining the CRS Certificate?

  • JR Compliance will ensure proper documentation and evaluation, to ensure the availability of all the documents at the time of registration.
  • Our expert BIS CRS consultant will directly coordinate with the BIS officer and laboratory to ensure proper follow-ups, acknowledgments, etc.
  • Our expert and experienced team can also provide you with recommendations.
  • JR Compliance can also assist you in following the product-specific guidelines.
  • We can assist you in scrutinizing the category of your product under the list of BIS CRS products.
  • We can help you with product submission as per the guidelines of the Meity by directly coordinating with the BIS officer and laboratory.
  • In case of any query, JR Compliance can provide the finest solution. 


Hope you have understood, how to get a BIS certification for solar panels, our approach to meet the compliance requirements is - product analysis - product testing - coordinating with officials - and issuance of certificates.

With our 7 easy steps, you can obtain a CRS certification within time constraints, that too without delay in the delay of the certification process. We are a perfect choice for your BIS certification requirements considering that we have experience of over 9+ years and have completed over 10,000+ BIS projects. 

Get in touch with our BIS Certification Consultants right now and meet your compliance requirements.