BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards Act) 2016 and the power conferred through Section 16, the central government consults with BIS and takes action in the interest of the public. The order for Lauric Acid (quality control amendment) 2022. The order will be launched on the 24th day of October 2024.

To understand clearly, a chemical substance is a form that have constant chemical composition and characteristic properties, and petrochemicals are those chemical products that are obtained from petroleum through refining. They are derived from fossil fuels such as natural gas, and renewable sources such as palm fruit, maize, and others. 

Mandatory standards have been set in the chemical industry to ensure regulatory compliance. It includes an ISI certificate (national purpose), ISO certification (international purpose), and environmental standards such as ISO 14001 for the safety standards for chemical production facilities. If you are looking for ISI Mark Certification Service, then JR Compliance provides you with excellent service and a hassle-free process to achieve BIS certification.

Major action taken by the Department of Fertilizers

In Section 3 of the Essential Commodities Act, 1955, the central government confirms the fertilizer control order, 2015. It is yet to come into force after its publication in the official Gazette. Biofertilizer means that products containing carriers based on solid or liquid living micro-organisms are agriculturally useful in terms such as nitrogen fixation, nutrient mobilization, and phosphorus solubilization to maximize the productivity of the soil and crop.

Central Government Standards for Fertilizers:

For a fertilizer listed in column 1 of Part A of Schedule I, the standard provided in column 2 applies, subject to the allowable variation limits outlined in Part B.

 For fertilizer mixtures, the Central Government's standard under sub-clause (1) of paragraph 13 applies, subject to the allowable variation limitations established in Part B of Schedule-l.

The State Government has established a standard for fertilizer mixtures under sub-clause (2) of paragraph 13, subject to the allowable variation limitations provided in Part B of Schedule-l.

For a biofertilizer contained in column 1 of Part A of Schedule-III, the standard outlined in the corresponding item in column 2 is subject to the limits of allowable variation as stated in Part B of that Schedule.

 In regard to an organic fertilizer listed in column 1 of Part A of Schedule-IV, the standard set out in the corresponding entry in column 2 is subject to the allowable variation limits established in Part B of that Schedule. 

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Major action taken by the Department of Chemical

As per BIS standards, the majority of chemicals are voluntary. Inferior, spurious, and hazardous chemicals are supplied through local manufacturers in India that do not meet the quality standards set by BIS. During such issues, DCPC initiated mandatory standards for domestic manufacturers and overseas suppliers to meet the BIS framework in the public interest or for the protection of humans, animals, or the safety of the environment, the prevention of unfair trade practices, and national security under Section 16 of the BIS Act, 2016.

BIS standards are made compulsory, and (QCOs) quality control orders are notified in the Gazette of India. According to the records, QCOs have over 61 chemicals and petrochemicals notified in the Gazette for BIS standards.

If you require chemical BIS ISI Certification then check this mandatory list.

BIS ISI Certificate Procedure & Documents

The ISI mark is essential for your product according to BIS standards. ISI certification is compulsory for chemicals and fertilizers because it gives you access to the Indian market and ensures a high-quality product for the safety of consumers. Look at the process of gaining an ISI certification down below. 

Fill out an application form for ISI Certification

After that, a factory inspection will be conducted

The product sample will be withdrawn

The last step is for your product test report to be reviewed, and you will be eligible for ISI certification.

You can Read the easy and complete process for ISI, FMCS, and CRS certification here

What are the International Chemical Conventions?

The Department of Petrochemicals and Chemicals has been involved in several international conventions related to the chemical industry, such as the OPCW, Minamata Convention, Stockholm Convention, and Rotterdam Convention.

In the Department of Chemicals, 100% FDI in India is permitted under the automatic route. Most chemical products of manufacture are de-licensed, such as interalia, dyestuffs, & pesticides, and cover organic & inorganic. Entrepreneurs must only submit an Industries Entrepreneur Memorandum (IEM) to the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion if their project is located outside the typical urban area borders of metropolitan and municipal cities. However, the following goods are still included on the compulsory licensing list due to their hazardous nature, as mandated by international agreements:

  1. Phosgene & its derivatives
  2. Hydrocyanic acid & its derivatives
  3. Isocyanates & di - isocyanates of hydrocarbons


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