BIS recent update on Vending machine

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is India's national standards body. BIS is in charge of the harmonious development of the activities of standardization, marking, and quality certification of goods.

The Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016, has been in effect since October 12, 2017.

BIS, through its basic functions of standardization and conformity assessment, has benefited the national economy by providing safe, dependable, and high-quality items; reducing consumer health risks; and safeguarding the environment, among others.

The BIS mark is mandatory on vending machines. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued an order in New Delhi on March 5, 2024. The order is called the electrical appliance for commercial dispensing and vending (quality control) order, 2023. It will come into force after 6 months.

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Recent update by BIS on Vending machine

On March 5, 2024, a mandatory order on electrical appliance vending machines for commercial dispensing and vending (quality control) was launched. This shall come into force six months from the date of publication in the official Gazette.

According to Indian Standard 302 (Part 2/Sec 75):2018, the electrical appliance for commercial dispensing and vending machines needs the standard mark under a license from the Bureau of Indian Standards as per Scheme-I and Scheme-II (conformity assessment) regulations, 2018. 

The person who violates the provision of this order will be punishable under the provision of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016.

Apply Now For ISI MarkBIS registration process

  • An application form for BIS ISI certification will be filed.
  • A factory inspection will be undertaken to evaluate the manufacturing infrastructure, production process, quality control, and other aspects.
  • During the factory inspection, a product sample will be collected for testing in a third-party laboratory.
  • The product test for the tested sample will be reviewed.
  • If a product meets the prescribed safety criteria, an ISI certificate will be granted.

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BIS Benefits

  • BIS certification works as evidence that the product complies with Indian standards.
  • You can avoid the penalties and fines
  • Serves as evidence that a product has been tested and certified in accordance with Indian requirements.
  • It provides a competitive advantage over competitors because consumers choose certified goods that represent quality and safety.
  • Easy market entry and acceptance.
  • Allow you to file a government tender.

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