A Complete Guide to : BIS Specification For Shampoo

Imagine! You have recently changed your shampoo after talking to a salesperson for 10 minutes. You are happy and expecting the results that they have claimed - silkier and smoother hair. But as you applied the shampoo, you have noticed that your beautiful and silky hairs are falling with time.

No problem could be the result of the new shampoo. And with the constant use of it, you have finally opened your eyes to see that it’s the shampoo that you no longer have that beautiful hair.

Quite a scenario, isn’t it?

What probably could be the cause of it?

If you would ask us, we will say, a non-certified product.

After the Petroleum, Coal, and Related Product Council Division has approved the Cosmetic Sectional Committee, the Bureau of India Standard has adopted the BIS specification for shampoo. The latest revision of the BIS specification for shampoo emphasizes on the satisfaction of the customer, considering that a shampoo that develops a dense and luxurious lather is widely accepted by consumers.

The ingredient of shampoo has affected the psychological functions of our body, considering certain requirements have been established. Though it is to be noted, different BIS specifications have been established for different types of shampoo, say, baby shampoo specification requirements would be different from the specification requirement for adults.

What Are the BIS Specification For Shampoo?

BIS Specification For Soap-Based Shampoo

A Complete Guide to : BIS Specification For Shampoo

1. Packaging requirements

  • Ingredients and their quality must be displayed on the product package.
  • Products must not be manufactured from any carcinogenic ingredients.
  • Environment clearance consent must be obtained from the concerned state pollution control board.
  • The product must have an ECO mark.
  • A product should be dermatologically safe.
  • All the biodegradable agents used in the product must be used per the limit prescribed under the ECO mark.
  • The material of the product should comply with the parameters under labeling as per environmentally friendly packaging.

2. Ingredients 

  • The raw material used must comply with the requirements established by Indian standards.
  • If dyes are included in the product, they must meet the prescribed provisions.

Below-mentioned are the requirements for shampoo, soap-based -

3. Sampling 

  • Product testing will be carried out as per IS 3958: 1984.
  • Tests will be conducted as per the composite sample.
  • If a shampoo passed all the tests, then it will be considered that all the conformed requirements have been met.

4. Packaging and Marking

  • A soap-based shampoo must be stored in containers of plastic and glass, or as agreed by the purchaser and supplier.
  • The package of the product must include the name of the manufacturer, the net volume of content, source of manufacturing, production code, and batch number.

For a better understanding of the raw materials used in soap-based shampoo, refer to the below-given image -

BIS Specification For Shampoo For Babies

A Complete Guide to : BIS Specification For Shampoo

1. General Requirements 

  • Shall be in the form of a liquid, emulsion, or paste, including it, might or might not be colored.
  • Liquid baby shampoo must be free from sediments when visually examined. While in the case of emulsion baby shampoo, it must be homogeneous and must not show any sign of emulsion.
  • Baby shampoo in the form of paste should be free from agglomeration.

2. Ingredients

  • Unless specified, all the ingredients included in baby shampoo must comply with the established parameters.

  • In case of use of any colorant, it must comply with the IS 4707 and Schedule Q of Drugs and Cosmetic rules.

  • Ingredients other than colorant must comply with the prescribed standard IS 4707.

  • Formaldehyde or agents releasing Formaldehyde must not be used in baby shampoo.

  • A baby shampoo must comply with the IS 4011, to conduct a safety evaluation of the novel ingredients used in a shampoo.

  • A baby hair shampoo must comply with the below-mentioned guidelines -

3. Packaging and Marking

  • Details like name, list of ingredients, etc must be imprinted on the package.
  • BIS-certified marks should be imprinted.
  • A product conforming to the prescribed requirements might need to certify under conformity assessment schemes under BIS.

4. Product Sampling

  • A baby hair product shampoo will be withdrawn in accordance with IS 3958.
  • A composite sample should be used to carry out tests for all the requirements.

Our Role in the Implementation of BIS Specification For Shampoo

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  • For the implementation of the BIS specification for shampoo, having proper knowledge of parameters.
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Appropriate understanding of the BIS specification for shampoo, including implementing any other BIS standard could be perplexing because the general and other requirements change as per the products. 

Thus, to obtain a BIS certification and to know the proper way for its implementation, you need expert assistance - Get in touch with the best compliance consultants in India.