BOCW Registration Bihar 

The BOCW Act was created to address the issues associated with unskilled laborers who are required to work in hazardous environments. Numerous workers or laborers in Bihar have a variety of issues related to this industry, thus to address these issues, the state government of Bihar developed the Bihar building and other construction welfare board Schemes under the BOCW Act. It is regarded as a social welfare program that seeks to benefit the workers in Bihar who are engaged in building and construction-related industries.

Advantages of BOCW Registration in Bihar:

The Indian Government has mandated that the Bihar Government establish BOCW Welfare Boards:

  • To standardize the employment and working circumstances for BOCW employees
  • Provide a healthy atmosphere to employees.
  • quickly supports the workers in the event of an accident by providing pensions, loans for home construction, financial assistance for their children, and reimbursement for medical costs;
  • To cover other related issues like their welfare, health, and safety. 

Documents Needed to Register as BOCW in Bihar:

The following are some important documents needed to register a BOCW in Bihar:

  • Identity proof.
  • Residence proof.
  • Age proof.
  • 90 days of employment certificate.
  • Bank details. 
  • Dependent’s information. 

Online BOCW Registration in Bihar :

  • The first step is for the employer to register on the BOCW Bihar website. To do so, the employer must generate a new login ID. 
  • The login information will be emailed to the user's registered email address and mobile number after it has been generated.
  • Following the creation of the ID, all information on the establishment, including the organization's address, worker information, construction information, employer or occupier information, and a declaration, must be entered on the website.
  • All papers must be properly sized and formatted, and they must be properly attached to the application form.
  • Next, depending on the applicant's convenience, you must pay the fees either online or offline.
  • The Registration Certificate is issued if all of the documents comply with the standards and regulations.

When is it possible to cancel the BOCW Bihar Registration?

If the registering officer determines that an organization's registration was obtained through misrepresentation or the omission of a material fact, that the provisions of the Act have not been complied with in connection with any work that the organization performs, or for any other reason that renders the registration ineffective and allows it to be canceled, then in such a case, the registration will be canceled.

Penalties levied for violating Act provisions Under Section 46:-

Any employer who fails to give notice of the start of a building or other construction project is subject to a period that may be prolonged to three months, a fine that may be increased up to Rs. 2000, or both.

Whoever interferes with an inspector during the discharge of their duty under the Act or intentionally disregards or repudiates to support the inspector with any reasonable facility for making any inspection, investigation, assessment, or inquiry as sanctioned by or under the Act in reference to an organization shall be punishable with imprisonment for a time period which may be extended for 3 months or a fine up to Rs. 1000/- or both.

Our Role in Obtaining the BOCW Bihar Registration :

  • Our consultants will educate you concerning each and every aspect of the BOCW Bihar registration, including how to get approval for it.
  • JR’s expert consultants will assist you in filling out the application form for the BOCW certificate.
  • We will ensure a smooth procedure by ensuring proper documentation, evaluation, and testing to obtain the registration. 
  • We have a team of expert consultants who will provide you with proper guidance during the approval procedure.
  • Our BOCW Bihar certification consultants will directly coordinate with the BOCW officials to ensure proper follow-ups and acknowledgments to obtain registration.
  • In case of queries, we will provide you with the best possible solution for your concerns regarding registration.

Conclusion :

To conclude, JR Compliance can assist you in obtaining the online registration by ensuring proper documentation, evaluation, testing, etc Moreover, to make our clients understand each aspect of it, we will educate them regarding the same. Additionally, submitting documents late or providing false information on the application form both have the potential to stall the process.

Thus, to avoid such inaccuracy contact our expert and experienced team immediately for professional assistance and support in BOCW Bihar registration.