Every state has its own BOCW Boards, and the BOCW Act's scope is broad, especially in a nation where the infrastructure and construction sectors have experienced rapid expansion. This Act's goal and framework are comparable to other labor law statutes.

Where does the BOCW apply?

It is applicable to every business that hired 10 or more workers for construction on any given day over the previous 12 months.

To whom is the BOCW Punjab Registration Certificate required?

Upon the commencement of an institution to which the BOCW Act applies, within 60 days of such commencement. 

Regarding any other establishment to which the BOCW Act is applicable at any time following such commencement within 60 days of the period from the date on which the BOCW Act becomes applicable to such establishment, given that the registering officer may still consider any such application after the specified period has passed if he is persuaded that sufficient grounds existed for the applicant's failure to submit it within the time frame.

  • Every application made pursuant must follow the specified format, including the required information, and be accompanied by the appropriate fees.
  • The registering officer must register the establishment and give a Registration Certificate to the employer thereof in the manner, within the timeframe, and pursuant to the requirements prescribed after receiving the application.
  • When a change in ownership, management, or other prescribed details about an establishment occurs after registration under this section, the employer must inform the officer of the change within 30 days of the change in question.

Advantages of BOCW Punjab Registration Certificate :

The advantages of obtaining the BOCW Punjab Registration Certificate include the following:
Making pension payments, receiving death, funeral, and maternity benefits, and getting authorization to buy tools for the job.
Quick medical attention in the event of an accident.
Facilitating finance for home construction.
Aid for children's education.

Documents of BOCW Punjab Registration Required

Identity proof
Address proof
Age proof
Bank details like the branch of the bank, account no., IFSC, or RTGS number.
Information about dependents, the nomination form, and the employer's certificate of employment as a construction worker for 90 days.

Process of BOCW Punjab Registration

  • The applicant who wants to register is required to register on the official website of BOCW Punjab first, to register applicant needs to create a login id with the help of an email id.
  • After creating the login ID, the applicant must fill in all the information about the foundation such as; residence of the foundation, information about workers, employer’s detail, detail of construction, and declaration in the basic information performa.
  • After that, you are required to manage all the documents in the authorized format and size and attach them to the application form. 
  • Now, it’s time to make a payment; you can fill in the payment at your convenience mode whether it is online or offline. 
  • If the application and documents follow the guidelines, then they will be issued.

Reminder: Applicant can be connected with the status of the application online, and the details about all necessary updates will be sent to your registered mobile no. and email id.

Cancellation of BOCW Registration in Punjab

If the officer determines that the registration of any establishment was obtained by concealing or misrepresenting any material fact, that this Act's requirements are not being followed with regard to any work being performed by any establishment, or for any other reason that the registration has become ineffective or useless and must be canceled, he or she may, after providing an opportunity for hearing, order the registration to be canceled.

Penalties or Punishments for Violating the Act's Provisions

An employer who violates the Act’s Provision by failing to provide a starting notice for a building or other construction project faces a maximum sentence of three months in prison, a maximum fine of Rs. 2,000, or both;

Anyone who obstructs an inspector from doing their duties under the Act or refuses or willfully disregards an offer made under the Act respecting an establishment is penalized by up to three months in jail, and hefty fines for those things.

Our Role in Obtaining the BOCW Punjab Registration

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Conclusion :

To conclude, JR Compliance can assist you in obtaining the BOCW Punjab approval by ensuring proper documentation, evaluation, testing, etc. Moreover, to make our client understand each aspect of the BOCW approval, we will educate you regarding the same.

Additionally, submitting documents late or providing false information on the application form both have the potential to slow down the process.

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