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Are you looking for a DPCC category list?

Well, you are at the right place, because finding under which category your industry fits raises so many questions, especially if you are doing it for the first time. 

But before jumping to that DPCC category list, why not understand what DPCC is, to help us understand each aspect of the same. 

Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) is an autonomous regulatory body established after the notification dated 15-03-1991 of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), which reflects that under Section 4 (4) of the Water Act and Section 6 of the Air Act, CPCB might delegates its powers and functions to the DPCC. 

That begs the question, why has CPCB delegated its powers and functions to DPCC? 

Simply with the objective to implement the various environmental and pollution laws formulated by the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) to preserve the environment. 

In a nutshell, DPCC has been established with the fundamental objective to maintain a balance between economic growth, environmental growth, and social equality. 

It clears the fact that DPCC is the pollution control authority of Delhi. Now, let’s understand its functions for a better understanding of DPCC.

What Are the Functions of DPCC?

DPCC Category List

  • Provide necessary suggestions to the Delhi Government for the control and prevention of pollution.
  • Organize a comprehensive mass media awareness program in regard to the prevention, control, or decrease of water and air pollution.
  • Collect, systemize, and prepare the technical and statistical information with respect to pollution. 
  • Prepare manuals, codes, and guidelines to treat and dispose of the sewage and trade effluents and for stack gas cleaning devices, stacks, and ducts.
  • To spread information on the matters relating to water and air pollution along with their prevention and control.
  • Establish standards of sewage and trade effluents and emissions from automobiles, industrial plants, and Health Care Establishments. 
  • Develop reliable and inexpensive methods of treatment of sewage, trade effluent, and air pollution control equipment.
  • Assess the quality of ambient water and air, and check the installation of wastewater treatment, air pollution control equipment, industrial plants, or manufacturing processes to evaluate their performance and to take required actions for the prevention, control, and reduction of air and water pollution.
  • Issues the approval certificate for different categories of industries such as Red, Orange, Green, and White. 
  • Issues the authorization to the Industries and Health Care Establishments under Bio-Medical Waste Authorization, Plastic Waste Management, Hazardous Waste Management Authorization, Battery Waste Management, and E-waste Authorization.

So, DPCC does play an important role - from inspection, policy formulation, or issuing guidelines to checking whether obligatory compliance has been followed or not, it takes care of everything. Now, let’s move to the categories of the industries under the DPCC category list.

Classification of Industries Under DPCC Category List

According to the list (indicating the classification of 637 industries), established industries in Delhi have been classified into four categories depending on the pollution index score -

DPCC Category List

  • Red (Pollution Index score of 60 and above)
  • Orange (Pollution Index score of 41 to 59)
  • Green (Pollution Index score of 21 to 40)
  • White category (Pollution Index score incl. & up to 20)

The industries in Delhi have been classified in the Red/ Orange/ Green/ White category as per the list, indicating the classification of 637 industries as uploaded on the DPCC website.

The industries categorized under the White category shall not be required to obtain the Consent to Establish / Operate under the Air & Water Acts and submit an undertaking to DPCC online and send the signed copy of the undertaking within 30 days to DPCC.

The industries categorized under the Red, Orange, and Green categories only need to apply for Consent to Establish/ Operate under the Air & Water Acts. The period of Consent to Establish shall be from one year to seven years as requested by the Project Proponent. However, the Consent to Operate / Renewal shall be granted for 5 years in the case of the Red/Orange Category and 10 years in the case of the Green category of Industries.

 Going through the complete DPCC category list seems like a tough task, that’s why JR Compliance - an award-winning compliance service provider directly coordinates with the officials to know under which category your industry falls. Moreover, it helps us understand the certification requirements applicable to an industry, which again improves our client’s convenience. 

Yet, for your reference, let’s have a look at the DPCC category list,

DPCC Category List

Industrial category Pollution Index Score The industrial sector under a particular industrial category
Red A pollution index score of 60 and above Nuclear power plant; Sugar ( excluding Khandsari); Phosphorous and its compounds, and more.
Orange A pollution index score of 41 to 59 Coated electrode manufacturing; Manufacturing silica gel; Thermometer manufacturing, and more.
Green A pollution index score of 21 to 40 Mineralized water; Sawmills; Flour mills (dry process), Digital printing on PVC, and more.
White Pollution Index score incl. & up to 20 Electric lamp ( bulb) and CFL manufacturing by assembling; Blending and packing of tea; Bailing (hydraulic press)of waste papers and more.


Checking the DPCC category list to know under which category your industry falls is the primary step towards DPCC registration or CTE certification. That’s why, keeping your concerns in mind, we have mentioned a complete list of DPCC

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