Drug License 

Obtaining a drug license is mandatory in India, for those, who work in the health sector, it can be any business entity, manufacturer, pharmacist, retailer, wholesaler, dealer or seller, importer, and many more. Any enterprises or individuals can engage in drugs and cosmetics-related business until they have a Drug License. 

A drug license is issued by the Drugs Control Department Authority in order to deal with drugs. Connect with JR Compliance to know how to apply online drug license.

What is the meaning of Drugs?

Section- 3 (b) of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, of 1940, says that a drug is, that involves, all the medicines and devices which are used by humans and animals (externally or internally) Moreover, every substance which is prepared to be used for the mitigation, prevention, diagnosis, treatment of any disease or disorder of human beings and animals. 

What is the purpose of a Drug License?

Drugs are used to cure diseases. The usage of drugs is restrictive because an overdose can cause harm to human beings. So, the main motive is that no individual can misuse drugs and medicines. The main purpose of the drug license is to give permission to allow any individuals or enterprises to engage in the business related to drugs and cosmetics.

The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, of 1940, regulates the import, manufacturing, and distribution of drugs in India. The main objective of this act is to ensure drugs and cosmetics sold in India are safe or not, or whether they conform to quality standards. 

Different types of Drug License:

  •  Manufacturing License : 

All the manufacturers of Cosmetics, Allopathic, Ayurvedic, and any other drugs which are specified under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940. This license is issued by the State Government (where the unit is situated).

  • Sale License: 

    This License is used for the sale of drugs. It is of two types, for instance, a Wholesale license, Retail License. 

  •  Wholesale License:

    A Wholesaler must have a wholesale license. Wholesale means the sale of the drug to a person/retailer to further sell it.   

  •  Retail License:

    A retail license is required for the retail sale of drugs. It is the sale of drugs or cosmetics for the Consumption of the end user. Retailers can sell it to dispensaries, hospitals, medical, educational, and many more.

  •   Loan License:

    A license is issued to a business that doesn't own its manufacturing unit. But,   who intends to avail himself of the manufacturing facilities owned by the other Licensee?

  •  Multi-Drug license :

    A license is issued to businesses or entities operating in more than one state having multiple units. 

Import license:

A license is issued to the importer who imports drugs for manufacturing.

List of the Documents required to obtain a Drug License :

  • Id proof of director/ proprietor. 
  • Copy of a challan as proof of depositing fee.
  • Applicants Qualification certificate. 
  • Copy of MOA, AOA, and COI in case of private/ public/ OPC. 
  • Covering letter 
  • Copy of refrigerator bill 
  • Experience certificate of a competent person. 
  • Appointment letter of the person who is being authorized by the company. 
  • 5 photos of the proprietor and either the registered pharmacist or the competent person. 

How to get a Drug License?

  • Based on the type of license, one should apply online for registration. 
  • After the registration is completed and the application form is done, then the system will autogenerate the unique registration number for future reference. 
  • In between 15 days, it’s mandatory to submit all the necessary documents to the officer of the Drug Licensing Authority.

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