GEMS Portal: GEMS portal registration and GEMS portal login

GEMS portal is basically a passway to the dedicated e-market for distinct goods and services acquired by government organizations, departments, and PSUs. Basically, it means transforming DGS&D (DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF SUPPLIES AND GOODS) into an e-commerce portal with the purpose of selling and procuring goods and services. 

Creation of the GEMS portal has been done only in duration of 5 months, considering that it will facilitate procurement of common goods and services online. This has been done with the purpose to improve efficiency, transparency, and speed in public procurement of goods and services. 

Moreover, if we talk about the tools provided by GEMS are e-bidding, reverse e-auction, and demand aggregation that allows the government to achieve the top-notch value of money.

Since it is clear what is GEMS portal, let’s get into the mission and values of the GEMS portal, in the next section.

What Are the Mission and Values of GEMS Portal?

With the proper understanding of what is GEMS portal, it might be seamless for you to understand its mission.

The Mission of GEMS Portal -

  • To establish a unified procurement policy that would work perfectly in case of behavioral changes and reforms.
  • To create a complete automated platform, that must be seamless to use for transparency and efficiency.
  • To establish an organization that must be lean, dynamic, and capable enough to ensure consistent innovation and market-driven decisions.
  • To demonstrate a commitment to the delivery system to ensure, the “right quality right value.”
  • Creation of a sustainable ecosystem that will include all stakeholders, which will further drive inclusive growth in India.

These are the five values on which a GEMS portal emphasizes on, now let’s have a look at the vision behind creating a GEMS portal -

The Vision of GEMS Portal

  • Responsiveness 
  • Commitment
  • Transparency and integrity 
  • Ownership and accountability
  • Innovation to simplify
  • Social inclusion
  • Be bold and think big

With these missions and visions, it is clear that the GEMS portal has been created with the purpose to ensure transparent, responsive, committed, and efficient ways to buy and sell goods and services.

Moreover, with the understanding of the mission and vision of the GEMS portal, let’s understand the advantages of buying and selling on the GEMS portal.

What Are the Benefits of GEMS Portal?

Why to Buy From GEMS Portal? | Benefits of Buying From GEMS Portal

  • For transparency and ease of buying.
  • For a rich listing of products for separate categories of goods and services.
  • To facilitate direct purchase of Rs 25,000.
  • L1 purchase of an amount over Rs 25,000 and below 5 lakh.
  • To obtain direct notification from the seller.
  • For an integrated payment system.
  • For a seamless to comprehend interface for searching, comparing, selecting, and buying a product or service.
  • A user-friendly interface with the purpose of monitoring supplies and payments.
  • For quick resolution, an online grievance redressal mechanism.
  • To facilitate a float bid among a population of 3 lakh sellers.
  • The duration of delivery is up to 180 days.
  • For a service, multiple assignees can be selected.
  • For direct purchase mode, pin-code seller selection is allowed.
  • Terms and conditions can be added through the ATC library.
  • Buyers can apply for additional deductions during bill generation.
  • During the technical evaluation, a buyer can make an MSE seller eligible or ineligible for MSE purchase preference.
  • Buyers have the right to cancel the Product Contract or Contracts, even if the invoice has been generated by the seller if 15 days have expired from the delivery date.

Why to Sell From GEMS Portal? | Benefits of Selling From GEMS Portal

  • Seamless entered the National Public Procurement market.
  • No fee will be charged for registration.
  • Special provisions and sections are made for startups, MSMEs, and Emporium products.
  • GEMS portal is a completely online, contactless, and paperless portal.
  • For sellers, the process of brand application and brand approval has been revamped.
  • For a single order, multiple invoices can be generated.
  • Seamless to participate in bids or reverse auctions.
  • A clock has been enabled in RA to reflect the time left for sellers’ participation.
  • For quick resolution, an online grievance redressal mechanism.
  • In case of rejection of a product, the reasons will be displayed on the screen.
  • Seamless to maintain supplies and payments through a seller-friendly platform.
  • Dynamic pricing price changes as per distinct market conditions.
  • Direct access to departments of government and their organizations.

Since, it is clear what benefits a buyer or seller can avail of, let’s get into, the GEMS portal registration process.

What is the Systematic GEMS Portal Registration | GEMS Portal Login

For GEMS portal registration, you are required to follow these simple steps -

GEMS Portal Registration For Primary Users

  • The competent authority will nominate concerned officials as primary and secondary users.
  • In the case of primary users, buyers are required to visit the GEMS signup to create an organization account.

  • Enter the information of your organization account.

  • On successful creation of user ID, a verification mail will be sent to the registered email.

  • Finally, provide organizational details, and information regarding officers.

  • Make the payment.

  • Enter details regarding your budget head allocated to the organization.

  • Provide details of your bank account.

  • Thereafter, provide your personal details.

  • Once done, link your aadhar card.

  • Conduct a referral verification.

  • After providing such information, create a secondary user as nominated; it could be a buyer, consignee, DDO, and PAO, whatever the case may be.

GEMS Portal Registration For Secondary Users

  • Once primary GEMS portal registration is done, click on add user to add a secondary user.

  • Then click on “add division,” related to the organization.

  • Now click on add user and provide the necessary information.

  • Then add a user list.

  • Once done, the secondary user account has been created.


Understanding what is GEMS portal, including GEMS portal registration, is seamless for any buyer or seller. To be honest it is not rocket science such as understand how to apply/ get a BIS certificate, considering that it involves a definite series of steps, which are mandatory to follow.

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