What is global certification or what is homologation - the answer to both is often considered the same, however, both are different. Why don’t we promulgate the meaning of both, homologation includes granting of approval by an authority, it could be government officials, government departments, the court of law, academia, or professional body.  

On the other hand, global certification includes conformance to the laws and regulations of a specific country, it reflects that a product or service complies with established standards. 

The definition of these draws a visible line between what is global certification or what is homologation, considering that the term homologation is not restricted to a country, it includes complying with the standards of a specific domestic country or even a global country. Conversely, the term global certification is restricted to a global country, not domestic.

One such finest example can be seen is the mobile phone industry, let’s take the example of Apple - Apple is a globally recognized company, selling or manufacturing its products in different parts of the world. Thus, to sell say iPhone in the Indian market, a mobile phone needs to comply with Indian standards, although, to enter say, US market, the same mobile phone needs to comply with the standards of the USA. 

Likewise, to enter any other country, a specific product or service has to comply with the safety standards of that particular country. 

With that, let’s move to what are the different certifications you might need to obtain to enter Indian and global markets.

What Are the Different Certification In India?

India is constantly introducing new parameters to ensure safety, reliability, and high-quality products. For your better understanding, we have created two different categories of compliance -

  1. Indian Compliance 
  2. Corporate Compliance 

Certification Under Indian Compliance

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification ensures that a product is safe, reliable, and credible through product testing and certification. It includes three certification schemes, namely, Indian Standard Institute (ISI), Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme (FMCS), and the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS).

TEC is an acronym for Telecommunication Engineering Center, an authority responsible for the issuance of TEC certificates to ensure that established parameters have been met. It comes under the Department of Telecommunication, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the authority responsible to generate standards, requirements along specifications of the telecom products, networks, and services.  

WPC provides the certification to the manufacturer to sell, produce, and import wireless equipment to ensure the safety of the final consumers from the radio frequencies generated from this equipment.

It is a statutory body established to conduct regulatory and safety functions to minimize the radiation effect on humans. Its fundamental motive is to ionize the radiation and nuclear-generated from equipment like medical X-ray products. 

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is an authority that ensures that electronic products are energy efficient. It provides a star rating to a product depending on the energy consumption of the product.

EPR stands for Extended Producer's Responsibility. EPR Certificate is mandatory for Indian Manufacturer / Importer of products for E-waste management. EPR Authorization is given by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) under MoEFCC, Government of India.

Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) is an autonomous body associated with the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Enterprises which was established in 1966. ARAI is a ruling automotive research and development organization of India that was established by the Automotive Industry with the Government of India. 

International Standard Organization (ISO) certification is the quality management tool used to provide the identity to the product to reflect the company’s quality management system. Thus, it promotes worldwide standardization of specifications and requirements for products, materials, formats, procedures, information, and quality management.

Registration Under Corporate Compliance

A sole proprietorship firm is a business owned and controlled by a person/sole trader/proprietor. It is the most common type of business commenced by small/ individual merchants and traders.

A partnership firm refers to the business structure that includes two or more individuals who agree to manage and operate the business according to the objective mentioned in the Partnership Deed (which is either registered or not).

As defined by Section 2 (68) of the Companies Act 2013, a private company is a company whose Article of Association (AoA) prevents the transfer of its shares, along with this, it also prevents a large number of the public from subscribing to the same.

Under the Companies Act, 2013, a Public Limited Company refers to a company with limited liability and provides its shares liberally to the general public. Moreover, the stock of the Public Limited Company can be acquired by any individual, either privately or through trades.

Under an LLP, the partners of a firm have limited liability depending on the jurisdiction. It came into effect under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 (March 31st, 2009).

 According to Section 2(62) of the Companies Act, a one-person company is a company that comprises only a single person as to its member. In an OPC, an individual promoter has complete authority over the firm.

Above mentioned are some of the major Indian or corporate compliance services we provide, along with that, we are engaged in serving tax and auditing services such as -

Since it is clear what services we provide in India, we are proud to inform you that our services are not limited to India only, but we have experience of serving globally recognized in different parts of the world. Let’s see, our global certification services -

What Are the Different Global Certification Services We Provide?

We serve in all the continents -

  1. Asia

Asia is one of the largest continents and JR Compliance has been providing global certification covering complete Asia, some of the global certificates we provide are -

What is Homologation | What is Global Certification?

  1. Africa

Africa is the world’s second-largest continent, and with our expertise and experience, we are successfully services our global compliance services, some of the major certifications we are applying for are -

What is Homologation | What is Global Certification?

  1. North America

We assist our clients in meeting the certification requirements of -

What is Homologation | What is Global Certification?

  1. South America

In South America, we provide -

What is Homologation | What is Global Certification?

  1. Australia

In Australia, we provide assistance to our clients in complying with the certification requirements of -

What is Homologation | What is Global Certification?

  1. Europe

We provide major homologation services in Europe, some of these are -

What is Homologation | What is Global Certification?

Since it is clear that our services are expanded in each continent, from Asia to Europe or Australia, we have been constantly working to meet the compliance requirements. For a better understanding of our role in the certification process, let’s move to how we will make the certification procedure seamless.

How We Will Help in Homologation Services?

  • Our global certification consultants will guide you through the certification process.
  • In case of testing, we will directly coordinate with accredited laboratories to resolve any query which may arise.
  • Our consultants will take care of documentation to avoid any inaccuracy.
  • We will directly coordinate with officials to meet any requirements, they may be.
  • Our experts are well educated and trained to resolve any query you may have.
  • We will provide 24*7 assistance.


Hope the difference between what is global certification and what is homologation is clearly established - although, if you have any doubt, we can definitely help you in providing the best possible solution to your query, be it regarding obtaining a certificate of a particular country, or guiding to meet the compliance requirements - we have got you covered.

We possess a team of experts - who will be assisting you in complying with the established standards, with that our homologation consultants are experienced and possess the required experts to guide you accurately without missing any information.

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