How to apply for/get a BIS certificate? - before understanding that we will understand whether a BIS assurance - is an asset or a liability.

Being a professional, we would certainly consider it as an asset because a BIS-certified product offers an abundance of benefits such as easy market access, reliable and safe products, easy acceptance, and more

However, even after offering several benefits, its importance is underestimated by several manufacturers and for those who fall under this category, penalties and fines are imposed on concerned manufacturers or importers. 

So, rather than treating it as a liability, use it in your favor to expand and diversify your business. Here, let’s start with what is BIS.

The Bureau of Indian Standards is an authority, which includes three types of certification schemes - ISI, FMCS, and CRS. The products under ISI and FMCS certification schemes are quite similar, however, CRS is only applicable to electronic products. Here, let’s have a clearer understanding of the BIS certification process.

Since we are now aware of what the BIS registration application is, let’s move to different certification schemes under BIS. 

What Are the Different Certification Schemes Under BIS?

Before moving on to how to apply/ get a BIS certificate, it would be better if you are aware of all the certification schemes. Thus, for your reference, we are mentioning a brief about all the certifications under BIS. 

ISI Certification Process

Before indulging in the procedure of the ISI certification, let’s commence with what is ISI Mark.

It is a product certification scheme commenced by the BIS. ISI mark ensures that your product has complied with the prescribed standards. 

ISI certification is mandatory to obtain for certain products without which you won’t be allowed to sell the product in India.

In a nutshell, it ensures high-quality products along with the safety of the consumers.

 As mentioned, ISI and FMCS certification schemes are quite similar, though the process changes as per the requirement. Why not have a look at what is FMCS certification in the next section?

FMCS (Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme) Certification

BIS FMCS is the license that is granted to foreign manufacturers for compliance with Indian Standards. 

For the sale of certain products in the Indian market, you are required to complete the BIS certification process, without which you would not be able to sell your products in the Indian market. 

Also, the documentation and other processes under BIS FMCS certification are done offline with direct coordination with the BIS officer.

Activities involved in the completion of the FMCS certification process could be perplexing for foreign manufacturers, especially if you are obtaining it for the first time. That’s why we are assembled to help your businesses grow and expand by delivering what our clients desire, i.e., obtaining a BIS license.

FMCS certification is a comprehensive process because it includes on-site activities such as traveling to the client’s destination country, sample collection, delivery of the sample product to India, etc. Moreover, the manufacturer pays a VISA fee, additional audit charges, $10,000 (USD) as a Performance Bank Guarantee, etc.

As mentioned, FMCS is a comprehensive BIS certificate scheme as it is a manual or offline process, including several for a better understanding of how to apply/ get a BIS certificate.

How to Apply/ Get BIS Certificate

Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS)

Under this scheme, electronic products, either imported or produced domestically, need to comply with the BIS standards. 

The conformity of the product will be issued after the examination and analysis of the samples and documentation for BIS registration.

In India, the Department of Electronics and Information Technology needs the obligatory certificate for 77 electronic products such as audio and video, IT equipment, mobile phones, smart card readers, and other similar gadgets. 

How to Apply/ Get BIS Certificate

Hence, every foreign manufacturer of these products is required to obtain a BIS license to export products to India. Consequently, if the foreign manufacturer operates in the Indian market without the BIS license, the manufacturer would be punished under the BIS Act.

Hope you have understood what ISI, FMCS, and CRS certification schemes are. With that let’s move to our most important topic, how to apply/ get a BIS certificate. 

How to Get a BIS Certificate? | How to Apply For BIS Certificate?

ISI Certification Process

How to Apply/ Get BIS Certificate

  • The application form needs to be filled out.
  • Further,  a factory inspection will be conducted for the assessment of manufacturing infrastructure, production process, quality control, and testing capabilities.
  • During an inspection, a product sample will be drawn for testing in a third-party laboratory. 
  • To review, the test report of the product sample will be used.
  • Finally, you can obtain the certificate, if your product complies with the laid standards.

FMCS Certification Process

How to Apply/ Get BIS Certificate

  • The application form will be duly filled out and accompanied by the required documents.
  • Along with form submission, a requisite fee will be paid, then a factory inspection will be conducted to verify the manufacturing and testing infrastructure. 
  • During factory inspection, the sample of a product will be drawn for independent testing.
  • Once the inspection and independent test report verify that the product is complying with the BIS standards, the registration process will move forward. 
  • Before the grant of a license, the applicant has to pay the license fee and advance minimum marking fee.
  • After making payments, the Agreement, and Indemnity Bond will be signed and a $10,000 (USD) Performance Bank Guarantee must be furnished instantly after a grant of license.
  • The FMCS certificate will be issued if a product complies with the BIS standards.

CRS Certification Process

How to Apply/ Get BIS Certificate

  • The manufacturer’s profile will be created on the BIS portal. 
  • The Test Report Format (TRF) will be generated for a BIS-accredited laboratory. 
  • After TRF generation, the lab will submit the report under the client’s profile on the BIS portal. 
  • Foreign applicants will duly appoint an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) and must submit an affidavit cum undertaking as per Form A/B. While Indian applicants must submit an affidavit cum undertaking as per Format C.
  • Furthermore, the online form will be submitted along with the required documents followed by the required fee.
  • The certificate will be granted based on testing, not based on the factory visit, consequently, the CRS certificate will be obtained if your product complies with the BIS (CRS) requirements. 

How Will We Help in BIS Certification?

  • Our BIS certification consultants will assist you to know whether a product falls under the purview of BIS.
  • For comprehensible guidance, our BIS certification consultants will first scrutinize the certification requirements of a product. 
  • We will provide you with information regarding the number of samples required for product testing because product sample requirement differs depending on product type.
  • Our BIS certification consultants will educate you about the BIS certification process, benefits, and documents required, including any queries you may have regarding the same.
  • Being a reputed BIS consultant, we will provide you with technical and non-technical support.
  • We are equipped with the necessary resources to conduct a virtual pre-audit to confirm whether your manufacturing unit and production process are complying with BIS requirements or not. While in the case of ISI certification, we can also conduct an on-site pre-audit, if required.
  • JR Compliance offers competitive and excellent services to our clients by meeting the startled queries/demands of BIS.
  • To ensure the utmost convenience for our client, our BIS Consultants will assist you in the customs clearance of the sample product. 
  • To meet your expectations we invest our efforts in day-to-day visits to the BIS office on your behalf if required.
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Understanding how to apply/ get a BIS certificate is quite challenging considering that it includes proper knowledge of the certification processes, an understanding of different standards on products, meeting distinct compliance requirements, and more. With that, the comprehensive processes of each certification scheme make it tough for a layman to have knowledge of each aspect related to BIS certification, we would ask you to contact a professional assistant - JR Compliance.

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