How To Apply For The ISI Mark Online | Which Documents Are Required For ISI Mark Certification | Benefits Of ISI MARK

ISI mark confirms the safety and conformity, to obtain that certification mark becomes a necessity according to the standards of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) It gives proof that a product has fulfilled Indian safety standards. Manufacturers, importers, and retailers get the assurance that their products are both safe and reliable for the consumers.

According to the data of 2022, 20,000+ products went under examination by ISI, through the research it was found only 300+ products were verified by the standards of ISI mark. India is highly competitive and every product that is being sold or distributed must be confirmed by the standards of BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).

** Misuse of the ISI mark** can be taken into serious consideration as a Criminal complaint against the firm for the offenses under section 11  and according to section 33 Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986. It provides for imprisonment for one year and with high-fine charges of Rs. 200000/- or decided by the Court.

Procedure: Detailed application form

  • BIS inspection for the assessment of manufacturing infrastructure, quality control checks, production process, and further tests.
  • Product sample testing gets reviewed by the authority and their standards.
  • If you qualify and fill in the requirements, your product will be certified for the ISI mark.

Documents Required For ISI Mark Certification

  • Required documents for ISI mark
  • Product specifications and details
  • Manufacturing machinery process description
  • Test reports from BIS-approved laboratories
  • Quality management system certifications
  • Documents of a brand trademark.
  • List of test equipment
  • Declaration of conformity to relevant Indian Standards
  • Process of ISI certification

How to apply for ISI mark online:

Here are the exact steps to fill out your ISI certification form:

Step 1 - Log in to the official BIS website and create the user credentials details.

Step 2 - The first step is for the applicant to select the product code.

Step 3 - The applicant has to fill necessary details and file an application. The applicant has to pay audit fees and registration amounts.

Step 4 - Once the fee process is done, the inspection team from the BIS office visits the factory premises of the applicant to examine the method of manufacturing the product. The product sample will be collected and sent to BIS labs for analysis.

Step 5 - The application is successfully submitted the inspection is done. Then, the ISI registration certificate is awarded by BIS. This process of registration takes around 30 days from the date of making the application.

What are the benefits of the ISI mark?

  • ISI mark gives the mark of being verified, proving the product is reliable and credible in the Indian market. It checks and confirms the quality and safety of the product.
  • You can avoid the penalties and heavy fines by being certified by ISI.
  • The Indian market keeps you in the limelight and your acceptance rate increases.
  • You have access to file a government tender.
  • You can be ahead of your competitors and more consumers will be attracted to your product, as the mark verifies you as “good quality.

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