The term authorized signatory or signer is nothing but, an individual designated to sign the documents as a representative of the authorizing company. Although, its definitions may vary from industry to jurisdiction very significantly. 

In order to get a clear picture of the authorized signatory in the GST portal, its legality, and how to change it, go through this blog. You’ll get the complete guide on the same!

What is a Primary Authorized Signatory in GST?

The Primary authorized signatory signifies the individual responsible for executing the undertakings on the GST system portal. The Primary Authorized signatory delivers all communication related to the taxpayer from the GST department. Therefore, the proprietor turns into the primary authorized signatory. 

Now that you know the authorized signatory's meaning, you must be enlightened about its validity, domains, and the process of changing the authorized signatory in GST for the company.

What is the legality of GST registration?

The GST registration does not contain any expiration date. Therefore, a GST Registration has validity until it is surrendered, canceled, or suspended. 

Only GST verification for casual taxable persons and non-taxable persons has a potency timeframe of ninety days as allotted by the Authorities while generating GST registration certification. 

Complete guide on how to change the authorized signatory in the GST portal

Step 1- Sign into the portal of GST.

Step 2- Head to the Services column. There, select Registration -> Amendment of Registration Non-core Fields.

Step 3-  Several tabs for changing the data will be shown on the tab. Authorized signatory tabs should be opened by the taxpayer. On going to the authorized signatory option, the desired authorized signatory will be shown on the screen. A taxpayer can tap on the ‘Add New’ feature to add new data.

Step 4- Attach the authorized signatory whose mobile number and email ID the taxpayer needs to use and dig in all other information as applicable. Now, tap on the Save option. 

Step 5- Go to the verification tab.

  • Choose the verification checkbox.
  • Choose the authorized signatory in the drop-down list.
  • Select the place from digitally signing the application. (EVC or DSC)

Step 6- After the submission is successful, a message will be shown on the screen displaying ‘Successful Submission’. From the designated email address and mobile number, an acknowledgment will be delivered within 15 minutes. 

Step 7- On receiving the acknowledgment, sign in to the GST portal and choose the authorized signatory tab.

Step 8- Abstain the primary authorized signatory in the old signatory checkbox. Choose the newly mentioned signatory as the primary authorized signatory.

Step 9- Confirm the mobile number and new email ID for the newly mentioned signatory.

Step 10- Choose the verification option once again and apply it by using EVC/ DSC.

Step 11- After the submission is successful, an acknowledgment shall be received on a new mobile number as well as on the new email address. 

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Which domains cannot be altered using the app for amendment of registration?

Change in the given below domains cannot be done by making a change of registration:

  • Change in Business plan from one State to another.
  • Change in PAN.
  • Change in the constitution of business leading to the change of PAN.

How many authorized signatories are in GST registration?

The GST portal activities are undertaken by authorized signatories in GST for the company. It is appointed by the taxpayer. A maximum number of 10 authorized signatories are allowed.

Who can act as an authorized signatory in GST for the company

Below mentioned individuals can carry out duties as authorized signatories in the GST Portal. 

  • In case of a Partnership Firm or LLP- Any individual or any other partner authorized by other partners. 
  • In the case of Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)-  Karta or whether Karta is missing from India or mentally challenged from representing the affairs, any other adult member of such family or anyone who is authorized by Karta.
  • In case of a company- Chief Executive Officer or Director or Managing Director or any other authorized signatory in gst for company.
  • In case of an individual - The person himself, or the person is missing from India, any other individual on his behalf.


Now that you’re well acquainted with the authorized signatory in GST for the company, it’s imperative you get it done. Not only does it ensure compliance with regulations and policies, but also promotes the best codes of conduct. Overall, changing the authorized signatory in the GST portal is a crucial task for every registered taxpayer. 

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