How To Do A Partnership Company Registration?

A partnership firm is one of the oldest forms of business entity, which has existed since 1932 under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. As its name implies, for the incorporation of a partnership company, 2 or more partners are required. However, that’s not enough to avail benefits like easy access to loans, because for that a partnership company registration needs to be done. 

So, before understanding the steps involved in partnership company registration, we will have a look at some of its aspects - 

How To Do A Partnership Company Registration?

  • Includes two or individuals to control or operate a business.
  • Run by objectives of partnership deed
  • Partners share liability, capital, or profit. 

It is clear from the aspects of a partnership firm that it could be a great way to contribute the skills, experience, and knowledge of a partner to grow a business. However, there is always a slight possibility of non-agreement between partners, considering the fact that one partner represents all - a partnership company registration is a wise decision to eliminate such conditions. 

To make our argument clear, let’s understand the need for partnership company registration. 

Why Should You Choose a Partnership Company?

A partnership company registration is a wise decision to tackle issues like legal redressal, sharing the burden, suing a partner/ or being sued in case of discrepancy, and more. However, legal redressal can not be pursued if a partnership firm is not registered. 

Apart from that, a registered partnership provides a clear and reliable jurisdiction in case legal redressal is required - which would make operating a partnership firm easier. 

Some more benefits of a partnership firm are -

How To Do A Partnership Company Registration?

  • No need to file a corporate tax return, however, it does not eliminate the need to maintain a proper record of income and expenditure.
  • Provides financial support, including a perfect combination of expertise, knowledge, and skills contribution by respective partners.
  • Easy to commence as it includes a few legal obligations. 
  • As compared to other forms of business such as NIDHI company, Insurance company, etc it is economical. 
  • Easy access to loans from banks and financial institutions. 
  • Filing government tenders.

Here, hope you have understood why it is essential to register a partnership firm. Now, let’s have a look at - how to do a partnership company registration.

How to Do a Partnership Company Registration?

How To Do A Partnership Company Registration?

  • An appropriate name for the partnership firm will be chosen without intervening trademark or any other laws.
  • Once the name will be chosen, Form - 1 will be filed.
  • Along with the form, an affidavit specimen will be submitted.
  • Thereafter, partnership deeds will be submitted along with the required documents.
  • Then, documents indicating the principal location of work will be submitted.
  • A registration certificate will be issued if the submitted documents comply with the registration. 

The above-mentioned series of steps will be followed for partnership company registration, although documents like identity proof, partnership deed, rental/lease agreement, and more play a major role in the registration process. 

That further requires proper coordination with officials to meet their requirements and needs, if any may arise. So, here, let’s see how JR Compliance - India’s leading compliance service provider makes partnership company registration hassle-free.

How We Make Incorporation of Partnership Easy?

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We - Delhi’s leading corporate compliance consultants understand the need for partnership company registration, not just to avail some benefits - but also for the growth and diversification of a business. 

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