How to Obtain Section 8 Company Certification in 2024

According to the Companies Act, 2013, Section 8 company registration refers to a corporation that aims to incentivize sciences, sports, arts, education, environment, preservation, charity, social welfare, or others.

For Section 8 company registration entities, two directors and two subscribers are required. There is no compulsion for minimum paid-up capital to set up a company. The objective is non-profit, and for public warfare, the government does not charge heavily. 

In this article, you will explore the Section 8 company registration process and consultants who will help you and guide you in Section 8 company certification

Documents Required:

For name availability:

  • The proposed name (use of the words foundation, association, etc is mandatory for section 8 company)
  • main objects of the company

For SPICE + form - Application for Incorporation Certificate:

  • (MOA) Memorandum of Association if not submitted as Linked Filing in INC-13
  • (AOA) Articles of Association, if not submitted as linked to filling in INC-31
  • PAN of the subscribers to the Memorandum ( 1st company’s director)
  • Proof of ID and address of the subscribers to the Memorandum.
  • Notarized Rent Agreement of the Registered Office.
  • NOC from the owner to use premises.
  • The utility bill of the premises is not older than the last 2 months.
  • Declaration under the form INC 15 from all the directors, which is included in INC-9
  • A declaration under the form INC 14 by the Chartered Accountant is included in the Spice + Form as a declaration.

Process for Section 8 Company Registration:

  1. Select Section 8 company goals
  2. Acquire DIN and DSC
  3. Approval of Company Name under section 8
  4. File for a Section 8 Company License
  5. Submit a Section 8 Company Registration Application
  6. The Certificate of Incorporation is issued.

How Do You Start a Section-8 Company?

Secure DSC from the MCA-authorized agencies. A Spice + Form shall be filled by the MCA portal. The mandatory documents and forms will be submitted. The documents will be submitted with the fee.

Benefits of Section 8 Company Certification

  • The section 8 companies registered are available or have the access of 100% tax exemption u/s 12 AA of the IT Act.
  • Section 8 has no limitations on entities pertaining to minimum capital requirements, unlike other companies.
  • It is not liable to pay stamp duty for registration.
  • A Section 8 company holds its own legal identity just as other companies and rejoices autonomous legal standing from its members.
  • It is also more credible in terms of compliance and legal standing.
  • During the registration procedure, Section 8 firms have the opportunity to select the name that best meets their needs.


In conclusion, the Section 8 company registration process can be complex and confusing. Take the guidance of experts such as JR Compliance, who can guide and educate you at every step. From documentation to Section 8 company certification, the consultant will lead you through a hassle-free process. For more information, contact us today.