That’s because it’s not as easy as it seems to check/track your application, as it involves numerous steps and requires expertise. However, before diving into the process of application tracking, let’s try to understand some crucial aspects of BIS.

The Bureau of Indian Standards was established under the Parliament Act (dated November 26, 1986) to create a culture of quality and encourage consumer participation to develop and implement national standards

With the motive to fulfill its purpose, various ministries are constantly revising and formulating new standards for different products, which is clear from the fact that as per the Review Statement of the year 2019-2020, 647 new measures were introduced, and 444 standards were revised. In brief, the total of standards published on March 31, 2020, was 20,875.

Initially, the BIS certification process was manual, which forms a clear picture of struggling to obtain one certificate. At the same time, its importance can not be underestimated because it is the only passage to the Indian market.

That’s why, emphasizing digitalization, BIS has introduced an online ISI or CRS certification process. Moreover, prioritizing the Government’s agenda of Digital India and ease of doing business, BIS is constantly working towards automating its activity by developing and implementing software applications or online portals under e-BIS projects.

That begs the question, can a layperson complete the BIS certification online?

No, because even though the certification process is online, it contains complexities that could only be taken care of by an experienced professional with complete knowledge of the BIS certification process.

And who could be a better choice than JR Compliance? With experience of over 8+ years - from completing the registration manually to online, we understand how to get the BIS certificate or how to check/track the BIS certificate online

The information mentioned above clearly indicates that the BIS registration process is simplified. However, does this simplified process apply to the checking/tracking of the BIS certificate?

In other words, how do you track a BIS certificate online? 

Undoubtedly, it is the last yet important step after completing the registration, which is why before moving to how to check/track a BIS certificate online, we will talk about what BIS certification is, including its benefits. 

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What is BIS Certification?

Under the BIS Act 2016, the Bureau of Indian Standards is the National Standard Body established for the harmonious standardization, marking, and quality certification of products and regarding the matters associated immediately.

Through standardization, certification, and product testing, BIS is consistently working towards providing traceability and tangible advantages to the Indian economy by ensuring safe, reliable, and quality products, encouraging export and import substitutes, preventing the final consumers’ health hazards, and more. 

Constantly working towards achieving its motives mentioned above, BIS has introduced three different product certification schemes - ISI certification, CRS certification, and FMCS certification to ensure that a product complies with the relevant Indian standards.

The question arises: Is BIS certification mandatory to obtain? 

Does every importer or manufacturer require BIS certification to operate in the Indian market? 

The answer to both questions is YES!

Keeping the importance of consumer safety in mind, it is necessary to obtain the BIS certificate. Moreover, a BIS-certified product also provides a competitive edge, broader market access, legal advantages, and above all, serves as a mark of quality - which is preferable to the consumers.

As you know what BIS certification is, let’s jump into how to independently check/track the status of BIS Certificates, i.e., ISI, FMCS, and CRS.

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How to Check/Track a BIS Certificate Online? (Tracking Application Status)

How to Check the Status of a Domestic (ISI) Certificate Online?

How to Check/Track a BIS Certificate Online

  • To check the status of a domestic certificate, the official website of Manakonline needs to be visited.
  • Thereafter, the “Search a License” page will appear under the “Conformity Assessment” (ManakOnline) option.
  • When clicking on “Search a License,” the license number, registration number, and firm name will be entered.
  • After entering the required information, a report will be generated.

How to Check the Status of a CRS Certificate Online?

How to Check/Track a BIS Certificate Online

  • The official website needs to be visited.
  • Under the “Search by R-number” option, a page with a “List of Registered Manufacturers” will be displayed.
  • The Registration number, product name, model, and brand information will be entered. 
  • Once the information is entered, if a CRS application is granted, details of the manufacturer will be displayed.

How to Check the Status of an FMCS Certificate Online?

How to Check/Track a BIS Certificate Online

The status of the FMCS certificate will be checked through the official website. 

  • The “Licensee” option will be clicked by hovering on the conformity assessment. 
  • Thereafter, either of the BIS “List of Licensees,” will be chosen.
  • The IS number and choose the country will be entered. 
  • The data of all foreign manufacturers will be displayed as per the entered country and IS number.

Assuming that you have understood each step involved in how to track a BIS certificate online, while it can not be ignored, maybe it seems easy. However, as it is well said, it is easy to judge something until it's done. We assure you that you don’t have to worry about checking/tracking your application because JR Compliance has got it covered. 

Yes! Our services are not restricted to completing the registration but we believe it is our responsibility towards our client to use our resources and expertise - be it an inspection, testing, pre-audit, or tracking of the application, we will take care of each and every aspect of certification. 

What is the CML Number and Process to CML Number Check?

CML is an acronym for Central Mark License, which is provided to a manufacturer by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), CML number acts as an identity proof of a product through which BIS keeps or maintains a proper record of a product. It will be provided to a manufacturer once the process of BIS is done, including testing and certification of a product.

For a CML number check, one can simply visit the official website of the BIS.

Thus, if you are looking for, “how to check CML number online,” - visit the official portal of BIS or get in touch with us - we have assisted global brands such as Softbank, Newline, and more in meeting compliance requirements, even in CLM number checking.


The checking/tracking of the BIS certificate online involves different series of steps for each certification type - be it visiting the different official websites depending on certification type, availability of required information, or anything, it involves a great deal of effort. 

We - JR Compliance have successfully completed 10,000+ BIS registration (ISI, FMCS, and CRS) hassle-free. We care about our customers, which is why we are equipped with experts and resources to take care of every aspect of certification, including how to check/track a BIS certificate online. 

Be it registration or checking/tracking your application - we have an integrated approach to your compliance management requirements. 

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