What is International Electrotechnical Commission(IEC 61010) ?

( IEC 61010 ) International Electrotechnical Commission, includes the safety requirements for various electronic systems, not only this it also involves, test and measurement , industrial process control and equipment related to the laboratory. IEC, it is also an UL and ANSI as well as in the US.

Basically UL (Underwriters Laboratories)  put emphasis on safety, however ANSI ( American National Standards Institute) puts extra emphasis on reliability. The equipment and machines are used in labs and to measure and control, for instance PH controllers, temperature controllers and so on.

The main purpose of this standard is to cut down the danger to the operators and the equipment and surrounding environment.

Importance of Product testing in IEC 61010 

  • Improves User Experience 

  • It gives quality assurance 

  • Builds company’s reputation 

  • Safety of Consumer 

  • Ensure the product quality and reliability 

  • Also increase customer satisfaction

  • The chief benefit is that testing confers an unbiased opinion. 

  • Product testing also helps to build a healthy and strong relationship with the customer.

  • It maximizes the profit and also builds reputation.

  • Major advantage is customer safety and customer satisfaction.

  • The main factors are safety, high quality and reliability

    Benefits of ensuring with IEC 61010

  • Act as an evidence that the product is safe and tested. 

  • Easy market acceptance. 

  • Provides a competitive advantage .

  • Seamless to file government tenders.

  • Act as a shield against fines, penalties and lawsuits.

  • Builds brand reputation.

  • Seamless to file government tenders.

  • Confirm the unmatched Quality Standards.

  • The fines and penalties are imposed for not certifying a product, So having a certification acts as a shield against all the fines and penalties. 

  • The certified product is set out as an evidence that the product is tested and certified as per prescribed standards. 

  • Seamless to file government tenders.

  • It provides competitive superiority against competitors.

  • It assures that the product is safe and also gives a sense of security to the customers.

  • It also ensures easy acceptance of the product. 

Product of scope-

(IEC) International Electrotechnical Commission, includes safety of  control equipment, Measurement equipment and Laboratory use.

How we help you to understand IEC 61010 ?

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IEC 61010 is standard for safety requirements for electrical equipment, these are basically used to measure, control and use in labs. Though it also includes other equipment, for instance,  microscopes, metrology  equipment, FTIRs , Mass spectrometers and so on. Considering that it is not only mandatory but also necessary to ensure the conformance with the specifications mentioned in IEC 61010 part-1, with the purpose to introduce your product in the global market. 

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