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IS 10810, Indian Standard which includes the methods of test for cables. A large number of Indian Standards have been published including distinct requirements for electrical cables. Therefore, to bring uniformity and eliminate repetition, a standard has been introduced to consolidate methods for various tests in one place. 

Indian Standard 10810 includes different parts, each part of this standard deals with a particular test to provide an open option to the users to procure as relevant to their activities besides providing consolidated details at a place.

Though BIS has introduced the mentioned standard for quality assurance in view of public interest, yet had not made it mandatory but a voluntary requirement. Being experts in the compliance industry, we - India’s leading compliance service provider would advise you to obtain relevant certification to ensure conformance with compliance standards. 

A standard mark on the cables will also provide a competitive edge to a manufacturer or importer. Therefore, ensuring higher sales and profit as it builds trust and credibility.

Though, to ensure the manufacturing or importing of high-quality products, certain tests are conducted that serve as proof of high-quality assurance and credibility.

Basically, the mentioned standard includes the information regarding the test to be conducted on the electrical cables to check their quality and credibility to reflect that certain technical standards have been followed. Particularly, product testing is crucial to ensure that a product is safe and reliable, which is essential to stay ahead of the competition and maximize its reputation and profits.

Above all, product testing helps you retain the consumers by meeting their expectations. 

For a better understanding of why product testing is important, let’s have a look at the importance of product testing.

Why is Product Testing Crucial | Importance of Product Testing

  • One of the most important purposes of testing is the quality assurance of a product that reflects high quality, safety, and reliability.
  • Product testing allows the manufacturer to ensure conformance with established technical standards to produce high-quality and safe products.
  • Build reputation and maximize the profit, considering that a tested product indicates quality assurance. 
  • Helps in retaining customers, thus, providing a competitive edge.
  • Helps in understanding distinct types of stress a product can endure, be it in case of weather, wear tear, and other conditions.
  • In the initial prototyping stage, if you are trying to avail investment in order to manufacture your product in mass quantities, a tested product can allow you to achieve patent and investors as it shows the quality and functionality of the product.

With the benefits of product testing, we can clearly estimate how testing ensures quality assurance and product credibility. For a better understanding, let’s have a look at an example, 

Through product testing, it can be easily proved that electrical cables are safe to use, however, in case of any defects are found during product testing, will be rectified.

Since, it has been established how essential product testing is, now let’s move to the benefits of complying with standards.

What Are the Benefits of Complying With Standards?

Compliance with standards offers numerous benefits to manufacturers and importers of the product, which further helps in building trustworthiness and reliability, thus retaining the customers.

Why, don’t we look at other benefits of the same -

  • A certified product acts as a shield against penalties and fines which could be imposed for not certifying a product.
  • A certified product serves as evidence that a product has been tested and certified as per prescribed standards.
  • A certified product provides a sense of security and safety to the consumers, thus ensuring easy acceptance.
  • It provides a competitive advantage over competitors.
  • Easy market acceptance as a product is tested and certified.
  • Confirm the unmatched quality standards.
  • Seamless to file government tenders.

With these benefits of ensuring conformance with IS 2465 standards and specifications, a manufacturer can establish that a product is safe, reliable, and credible, thus, confirming unmatched quality standards.

Product Scope

Here, under these standards, different methods of testing for electrical cables, wires, and cords in the finished stages, including their components, such as a sheath, armor, and more. Let’s have a look at basic three tests conducted under IS 10810 -

  1. Routine test

A routine test demonstrates the integrity of the cable, it is made by manufacturers and is applicable to lengths of finished cables.

  1. Type test

This needs to be conducted prior to introducing the product on a general commercial basis to demonstrate satisfactory performance of characteristics to meet desired applications.

  1. Acceptance test

The acceptance test is applicable to samples taken from a lot for the purpose of acceptance of the lot. 

With the understanding of product scope and types of testing, in the next section, we will have a look at different methods of test applicable to the table as per distinct parts of the IS 10810.

List of Methods of Test For Cables

Test methods Part of the number of IS 10810
Annealing Test for Wire. Used al Conductors  1
Tensile Test for Aluminum Wires  2
Wrapping Test for Aluminum Wires 3
Persulphate Test of Conductor  4
Conductor Resistance Test 5
Thickness of Thermoplastic and Elastomeric Insulation and Sheath 6
Tensile Strength and Elongation at Break of Thermoplastic and Elastomeric Insulation and Sheath  7
Breaking Strength and Elongation at Break for Impregnated Paper Insulation  8
Tear Resistance for Paper Insulation  9
Loss of Mass Test  10
Thermal Aging In Air  11
Shrinkage Test  12
Ozone Resistance Test  13
Heat Shock Test  14
Hot Deformation Test  15
Accelerated Aging Test by Oxygen Pressure Method (under preparation)  16
Tear Resistance Test for Heavy Duty Sheath (under preparation)  17
Color Fastness to Daylight  18
Bleeding and Blooming Test  19
Cold Bend Test  20
Cold Impact Test  21
Vicat Softening Point  22
Melt Flow Index  23
Water Soluble Impurities Test of Insulating Paper 24
Conductivity of Water Extract Test of Inlulatlng Pap.r  25
pH value of Water Extract Test of Insulating Paper  26
Ash Content Test of Insulating Paper  27
Water Absorption Test ( Electrical)  28
Environmental Stress Cracking Test  29
Hot Set Test  30
Oil Resistance Test  31
Carbon Content Test for Polyethylene  32
Water Absorption Test (Gravimetric)  33
Measurement of Thickness of Metallic Sheath  34
Determination of Tin In Lead Alloy for Sheathing 35
Dimensions of Armouring Material 36
Tensile Strength and Elongation at Break of Armouring Material 37
Torsion Test on Galvanized Steel Wires for Armouring  38
Winding Test on Galvanized Steel Strip. for Armouring  39
Uniformity of ZInc Coating on Steel Armor  40
Mass of Zinc Coating on Steel Armor  41
Resistivity Test of Armor Wlr.s and Strips and Conductance Test of Armor (Wires/Strips) 42
Insulation Resistance Test 43
Spark Test  44
High Voltage Test  45
Partial Discharge Test 46
Impulse Test  47
Dielectric Power Factor Test 48
Heating Cycle Test  49
Bending Test  50
Dripping Test  51
Drainage Test  52
Flammability Test  53
Static Flexibility Test  54
Abrasion test 55
Accelerated aging test 56
Flexing test 57
Oxygen index test 58
Determination of amount of halogen acid gas evolved during combustion of polymeric material taken out from cable 59
Thermal stability of PVC insulation and sheath 60
Flame retardant test 61
Flame retardance test for bunched cables 62
Measurement of smoke density of electric cables under dire conditions 63
Measurement of temperature index 64

How We Help Ensuring Conformance With IS 10810 Specifications?

  • We will educate you concerning every aspect of Indian Standard 10810.
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  • If you lack an in-house testing facility, we will help you in setting up one.
  • We will coordinate with a BIS accredited laboratory for product testing.
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  • We invest our sustained efforts to meet the startled queries or demands of BIS.
  • In case of any concern, we assure to provide the finest solution.


IS 10810, an Indian Standard applicable to electrical cables, which are usually used in the Mining industry and metro industries, is one of the major contributors to our economic development. Considering that, it is not only essential but mandatory to ensure conformance with specifications mentioned in IS 10810 with the purpose to introduce your product in the Indian market.

Keeping the importance of conformance with compliance in mind, we - JR Compliance, a leading compliance service provider are equipped with experts and resources to provide you with above and beyond support to obtain a BIS certificate.

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