Latest Updates on BEE Registration For Ceiling Fans

BEE stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency. According to BEE, under the Energy Conservation Act of 2001, it was established on March 1, 2002. The purpose is to instigate a system to rate electrical products based on energy consumption. 

The product rating is based on their energy consumption, which is to lessen the energy consumption. BEE Registration helps in analyzing the energy consumption of the electric product through a star rating. The higher the star rating it will depict, the lower the energy consumption or maximum energy efficiency of the product.

BEE's Certificate Services objective is to provide a direction to national energy conservation activities and establish procedures, and systems to demonstrate, measure, and observe improvement in EE (energy efficiency). BEE registration is a mandatory certification.

The BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) published the announcement on the ceiling fan on  2nd July 2021, under section 58 of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001. A label shall be displayed on every Electric type fan within a period of six months, according to the central government under Section 14 of the act.

There are a few things every trader or seller must ensure regarding electric ceiling fan products:

The ceiling fan put on sale will show a revised star level. To comply with revised energy consumption standards, electric ceiling fans sold must have a revised star level and label period, as well as a manufacturing year that should be aligned with those standards. 

Dealers and retailers must be aware of changes; the requisite publicity for their education shall be well planned and taken three months in advance of the date of such commencement according to these regulations.

What are the benefits of BEE registration?

  • It can lead to significant cost savings in the long run by reducing energy consumption
  • It will increase the competitiveness of businesses because their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility can help them attract more customers, which will benefit them.
  • Your reputation in the market will rise, and you will be recognized for the BEE label, which can lead to greater trust and highlighting for stakeholders.

How do I get BEE registration in India?

  1. The application for the BEE form needs to be filled out.

  2. While filing the application form, the required documents and information must be attached.
  3. The next step is that payment shall be made.
  4. The hard copy of enclosures that should be signed by the authorized signatory including the specimen of the BEE label, will be submitted.
  5. If the application is accepted by the BEE, then your ceiling fan is authorized to use the BEE label.

BEE Basic Process Overview 

  • The application form is required to be filled out on the BEE site.
  • When filling out the application form, you should have the required documents and information attached.
  • The next step is the payment.
  • The hard copy of the enclosures should have the signature of the authorized signatory as well as include the specimen of the BEE label that shall be submitted.
  • Your application has been accepted by the BEE; the next step is that you are authorized to use the BEE label.

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BEE Fees Structure

The applicant has to pay a security fee of INR 1,00,000 for each registration as a security deposit. (SSI unit) known as small-scale industries have to deposit INR 25,000 when they submit the valid SSI registration certificate.

For model registration, you have to apply online with all the required documents and a fee of INR 2000/- for each model. All the applicants must pay the fees to complete the registration process.

Why do you need JR Compliance for BEE Certification?

  • We will assist you in the documentation, examination, and evaluation of the product by the consultants.
  • The BEE consultants will coordinate with the BEE officer to guarantee a proper examination and testing.
  • For updated information, the BEE certification consultant will be in contact with the BEE officer, and the consultant will ensure a proper follow-up.
  • The consultant will help you in the entire process of registration and ensure a smooth procedure.
  • The consultant will schedule the meeting with the BEE officer for examination and evaluation.

To understand more about BEE Certification, take a look at the “What is BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency)” blog.


As the article mentions, BEE registration is essential for ceiling fans to reflect the energy consumption of the product. BEE helps you stand out in the market and be ahead of your competitors. The BEE registration can be complicated, and it can be hard to remember every step. So, if you want this process to be hassle-free and easier for you, contact JR Compliance.

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