Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities (LMPC) - a mandatory requirement that provides a level playing field to some or all manufacturers or importers. Customs authorities are strictly implementing the LMPC regulations under Section 19 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 to check the accuracy of the product as per Indian Standards. In a nutshell, without registration of LMPC by the Director of Legal Metrology, you can not import weight and measurement equipment; that’s why we consider it necessary to discuss - what is lmpc certificate?

Under Rule 11 of the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011, any importer engaged in pre-packaging of the commodities to sell or distribute, possessing an LMPC certificate for import is obligatory.

For a better understanding of the concepts, we will start with what is legal metrology.

Legal metrology refers to the part of metrology that treats units of weights and measurements, methods of weights and measurement, and weighing and measuring instruments, regarding the prescribed mandatory technical and legal requirements

The sole purpose of the implementation of these technical and legal requirements is to determine whether any step needs to be taken to ensure the safety of the public/ animal or to protect commodities/ vegetation/things, either individually or collectively.

However, there are some weight and measuring equipment that are exempted from this provision, which we will discuss in the next section.

What Are the Weights and Measuring Equipment Exempted From Provisions of LMPC?

Though, the LMPC Certificate applies to some or all weight and measuring equipment, yet, there are always exceptions, something which does not add up on the same side of the road. In the case of LMPC certification for import online below-mentioned are exempted from this provision -

  • Weight and measures used in factories, exclusively for the manufacturing of arms, ammunition, or both.
  • Use of scientific investigation or for research.
  • Weight and measures are exclusively manufactured for export.

So, if you are manufacturing any of the above-mentioned weight and measuring equipment - you are exempted from obtaining an LMPC certificate. However, there might be a case that other rules and regulations apply to these, therefore, it is advisable to reach us immediately to know about it.

Before moving to the next section, let’s have a sneak-a-peek into which products require an LMPC certificate -

How to Get LMPC Certificate For Import?

With that, let’s move on to - the functions of legal metrology.

Legal metrology is the statutory body that works as per the powers prescribed by the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 regarding the inter-state trade and commerce of weight and measures, inclusive of pre-packaged commodities. 

Precise and measurement plays a crucial role in our day-to-day life, from measuring our weight to measuring the weight of things while buying something, we are all dependent on weight and measures.

Considering which, a transparent or efficient legal metrology system has been established to inspire confidence in trade, industry, and consumer, including bringing a harmonious environment through emphasizing on- -

  • Increasing the revenue of various sectors to contribute to the growth of the economy.
  • Reducing the revenue losses in various sectors such as coal, railways, mines, petroleum, and industries.
  • Reducing the loss and wastage of infrastructure.

The functions performed by the legal metrology to increase or decrease the revenue/ loss of different sectors are necessary for the public interest

Since it is clear that legal metrology regulates and implement the prescribed laws and regulation, before moving to how to get an LMPC certificate for import online, let’s have a look at what are the declarations that need to be made on every package.

What Are the Declarations That Need to be Made on Every Package?

According to the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011, there are a few declarations that need to be made on every package. Let’s have a look at these -

  • Name and address of manufacturer/ importer/ packer.
  • Country of origin of imported packages.
  • The commodity’s Common and generic name is contained on the package.
  • Retail Sale Price, in the form of Market Retail Price (MRP), inclusive of all taxes.
  • Net quantity, in terms of weight/ measures’ standard unit or number.
  • Customer care details.
  • 19 commodities must be packaged in the prescribed size.

Once these declarations are made, you will move one step towards obtaining an LMPC certificate, however, it is to be noted that, there might be some additional declarations that need to be made as per the type of LMPC certificate. 

Thus, for a better understanding of each type of LMPC certificate, we need to have a look at its different types.

What Are the Different Types of LMPC Certificates?

LMPC has two major categories which are certificate for weight and measuring (W&M) instruments and certificate for non-weight and measuring instruments - that further have been categorized into various certificates. Here in this blog, we will only emphasize types of LMPC certificates for import.

How to Get LMPC Certificate For Import?

1. For Weight and Measuring (W&M) Instruments

  1. Importer registration for weight and measuring instruments

If a manufacturer is required to import weight and measuring instruments, its business must be registered with the Director of the LMPC to ensure the accuracy of the instrument. Moreover, mandatory declarations need to be made such as the origin of the country, the common or generic name of the country, etc.

  1. Model approval for imported instruments

As per Section 22 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009, all the weight and measuring instruments need to comply with the Indian requirements (which will be tested) before import. Thereafter, all the instruments must be LMPC registered before their sale and distribution in the Indian market. 

2. For Non-Weight and Measuring Instruments

  1. Importer registration/ LMPC certificate

If you are engaged in the import/ export of pre-packaged commodities, you must complete the registration under Rule 27 of the Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rule, 2011. It is an obligatory requirement to sell/ distribute certified weight and measurement instruments in India.

Distinct types of certificates come under LMPC, thus, different requirements apply to an instrument - considering which, a compliance consultant with complete knowledge of - how to get an LMPC certificate for import online, what documents are required to get an LMPC certificate for import online, and how to deal with the requirements of the concerned authorities - makes the LMPC registration comprehensive.

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Well, we will discuss how we will help in LMPC certification for import right after discussing, how to obtain an LMPC certificate for import online in the next section.

How to Obtain an LMPC Certificate For Import Online? [ 4 easy steps]

How to Get LMPC Certificate For Import?

For a detailed process, refer to the below-mentioned steps -

  • An application will be filed.
  • If your product falls under the purview of weights and measures, product testing will be conducted.
  • Once the documents are submitted, follow-ups will be conducted with the Legal Metrology Department to prevent any inaccuracy.
  • An LMPC certificate for imports will be issued.

How We Will Make LMPC Certificates for Import Seamless?

  • Our LMPC experts will provide you with complete information regarding the LMPC certificate for the import process.
  • We are equipped with all the necessary resources to complete the documentation.
  • Our LMPC consultants will invest their time and efforts in coordinating with the laboratory for regular follow-ups.
  • To ensure transparency, we will constantly monitor the status of your application and keep you informed.
  • We will coordinate with customs authorities to avoid any problems you might encounter.
  • We directly coordinate with officials to meet any further requirements which may arise.
  • Our experts will be available 24*7 to resolve any queries you may have.


As we can see, LMPC certification for import is quite comprehensive, thus, any minor mistake could result in the rejection of the application and since you are importing the product, you might face customs problems - how are you planning to resolve these issues?

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