One-Person Company Registration

To understand the OPC registration process, start with the basics. OPC Company stands for one-person company, which is a company that comprises a single person as its member. The feature of OPC is that an individual promoter has authority over the firm or company.

OPC private limited companies are required to obey specific rules and regulations that are written briefly in the (MOA) Memorandum of Association and (AOA) Article of Association that provide guidelines for mutual rights and duties.

In this article, you will discover solutions for one-person company certification and the clarity of one person company registration. You will be guided through a simplified process, but if you need a top consultant who can guide you and help you obtain the OPC certificate, then you need JR Compliance. It is a team of experts who help you with OPC registration online and deal with your queries immediately.

How do I inform ROC about the change in the membership of the One Person Company?

The company has to file the form INC-4 in the case of the cessation of a member of OPC on account of death, incapacity to contract, or change in ownership. On the same form, you need to provide details about the new member of the OPC.

Who is unqualified to get an OPC?

  • An individual who is declared unfit by the company’s law.
  • A foreign citizen (Non-Resident Indian).
  • A minor (an age that legally distinguishes childhood from adulthood).

Best Features of a One-Person Company

  • OPC has the ability to exist despite bankruptcy, changes in membership death, etc.
  • They have separate properties.
  • It provides tax liability for the business.
  • It is not challenging to manage or handle an OPC.
  • It is different from other private companies as they have one member in OPCs.
  • If, due to certain circumstances, a company “only member” or assigned member dies, then the nominee can choose or reject becoming the nominee of the company.
  • According to Section 3(1), OPCs are mentioned for private companies, which means only one person can form a company for legitimate purposes.
  • OPCs have various benefits compared to other companies.

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Procedure: Incorporation Through SPICe (without filing RUN)

  • Apply for OPC registration online by (SPICe). It stands for Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically (SPICe) (INC32) and will provide five benefits to the stakeholders, such as allotment of Director Identification (DIN), name reservation, company incorporation, allotment of TAN and PAN
  • Fill out the form and attach the EAOA (INC-34) and eMoA (INC-33). If both of these things are not available to you, then submit the PDFs of the AOA and MOA. 
  • Incorporation Through SPICe with RUN
  • You have to fill out an application form for name approval from the company. Check the availability of the name of the RUN service that should be used.
  • The company name should be approved, then fill out the SPICe form for the OPC incorporation within the period of 20 days of data consent from the RUN.
  • If the registered correspondence address or office address is not the same, then you must fill out the form INC-22 in the next 30 days after SPICe form registration. 


To sum it up, the OPC registration process can be a complex journey for aspiring entrepreneurs, but I hope this article has helped you in the simplified OPC company registration process. Obtain your One Person Company certification smoothly and successfully. OPC certification can unlock plenty of opportunities for your company's growth with the help of JR Compliance Services.