Top 5 Reasons To Get a TEC Certification

The TEC term stands for Telecommunication Engineering Center. It is the authority that grants the TEC Certificate for telecommunication equipment. It comes under Nodal agencies, the Telecom Commission, and information technology. They hold the authority to generate standards and requirements with specifications for telecom products, networks, and services.

In 1991, TEC certification became a voluntary process. Until 2019, it got confirmation with the No. 10-1/2017-IT/TEC/ER established as mandatory testing certification of telecommunication equipment, also known as (MTCTE).

Important reasons to get the TEC certificate for you?

  • Users Trust

TEC certification ensures the safety of end-to-end users. It reduces the radio frequency emission of the equipment to guarantee the well-being of the users and the general public. It helps the users make the right decision and trust your product as well.

  • Recognition 

Who does not want their telecom products to be recognized? With the TEC certification, you will be recognized not only in your area but nationally. It helps your business to empower and network, which leads to more clients or users.

  • Market Access

TEC certification makes you eligible for telecommunication equipment to be sold or imported to India. Without the certification of TEC, your company cannot legally market the product, which can limit your access to potential customers.

  • Avoid penalties

The TEC certification process guarantees that telecommunication products meet the technical standards and specifications mandated by the Indian government. Through this certification, you can avoid penalties and legal consequences.

  • National standardization mark

It prevents telecom equipment from lowering the performance of other equipment. As previously stated, the TEC certificate ensures that telecom products meet all applicable national standards and rules.

What are the benefits of TEC certification?

  • TEC certification helps you get recognized in the market. It presents a professional commitment to adhering to national standards. This certification can help telecom consultants gain a reputation.
  • It emphasizes the quality of telecom equipment and services, and it helps in maintaining high standards and reliability, which are vital in the telecom industry.
  • Receiving a TEC certification can immediately enhance its marketability. It serves as an important credential that differentiates professionals in a competitive industry.
  • TEC certification guarantees that telecom equipment and services conform to the regulatory requirements set by TEC in India. This compliance is important for professionals involved in PM-WANI registration to ensure the seamless functioning of public WI-FI networks.

Apply Now For Bis Certificate

The product list that TEC Certification allows to verify

  • Radio broadcast receivers
  • HF radio
  • Mobile radio trunking system
  • LAN switch
  • Smart camera
  • Soft switch
  • Signaling gateway
  • Mobile user equipment
  • Compact cellular network
  • Session border controller
  • Router
  • Tracking devices
  • Cordless telephone
  • Smart electricity meter
  • Modem and other

For a complete list of essential products, check TEC's official website.

Process for TEC certification| How to apply for TEC Certification online

  • Complete the entire process of TEC registration online.
  • You will be permitted to use a testing laboratory accredited by TEC (Testing telecom equipment)
  • After the submission of sample testing, you will obtain the test report.
  • Check that your product meets the laid standards and requirements; you must submit the documents along with the marking fee.
  • The last process is to certify your product and attain TEC certification.

How can JR Compliance help you achieve your TEC certification?

  • JR’s TEC certification consultants invest their time and efforts into analyzing which certification scheme applies to your product

  • To give precise and reliable information, our TEC-certified experts will conduct a product analysis to understand the equipment, functions, and components. That will assist us in understanding applicable ERs on equipment.
  • Our consultant will coordinate with CAB to guarantee proper follow-ups.
  • Our consultant will track your TEC application.
  • Our experts are equipped with all essential resources to tackle each issue, such as cancellation, suspension, or amendment of TEC approval.
  • We provide you with 24*7 technical support to solve any query of yours.


You do not have to navigate through complex technical requirements,  documentation, and procedures for TEC certification. It can be challenging to navigate the entire process and be updated with TEC standards. 

JR compliance can help you meet those minor to detailed requirements for TEC certification. It is filled with a team of experts who have a great experience. To avoid any complications or getting rejected for TEC certification, contact JR Compliance now.