Top 6 Industries Requiring BIS FMCS Certification

According to the BIS Act, 2016 Bureau of Indian Standards conformity assessment regulation 2018. It has the authority to provide a license to foreign manufacturers to sell products in the Indian market.

It is essential to obtain a FMCS license for mandatory products. The FMCS BIS certification gives foreign manufacturers access to sell their products in the Indian market. To gain easy market access, legal benefits, and more, a manufacturer must obtain the FMCS BIS certificate. The process of obtaining the FMCS certificate is tedious; the experts can make this process easier with the BIS officer for proper follow-ups and acknowledgment.

BIS has been operating a Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme since the year 2000 under the BIS Act, 2016 and Rules & Regulations framed. The BIS FMCS product certification India scheme is applicable for all products except Electronics & IT Goods notified by Meity. In this article, you will explore BIS FMCS product list industries that are certified for FMCS BIS certification.

Sub-topic: 6 Industries in FMCS Certification

The food industry categories such as HDPE PP woven sacks for food grains IS 16208:2015, HEXANE FOOD GRADE IS 3470:2017, FOLLOW-UP FORMULA- COMPLEMENTARY FOODS IS 15757: 2007, BIS certification for blending units for manufacturing fortified rice IS 17854:2022, etc are part of it.

  1. Cattle feed Industry

The cattle feed industry includes products such as Partly skimmed milk powder IS 14542:1998, whole milk power IS 1165:2022, and more. This holds the standards of BIS which are quality for the Indian market.

  1. Medical Equipment industry

The Medical equipment industry includes medical textiles non-woven wipes IS 17787:2021, medicated paraffin gauge dressing IS 16291:2014, and more. It holds the BIS standard quality mark.

  1. Aluminum Foil Industry

The Aluminum Foil Industry, according to the BIS, includes poly-laminated aluminum cable wrap  IS 16012:2012, wrought aluminum and aluminum alloy bars, rods, and section  IS 733: 1983, and more

  1. Kitchen Appliances Industry

The Kitchen Appliances Industry includes household refrigerating appliances  IS 17550 (PART 1): 2001, fabricated PVC-U fitting  IS 10124 (PARTS 1 TO 13):2009, boxes and enclosures for electrical accessories for households, and similar fixed electrical installations (IS 14772:2020 and more as per BIS Standard.

  1. Chemical and fertilizer Industry

The chemical and fertilizer industry includes Caustic Soda, Boric Acid Poly Aluminium Chloride, and more, according to the standards of BIS. 

Document Required:

  • A business license and ISO certificate are mandatory.
  • Process the flow chart.
  • List of the manufacturing machinery.
  • The list of raw materials and their test certificates.
  • List of information on test equipment and test equipment calibration certificates.
  • If it is applicable, then product drawings or components.
  • According to the Indian Standards test report.
  • Nomination.
  • The undertaking and declaration.

The easier process of obtaining FMCS certification

  • Your application form will be filled out by consultants with the required documents.
  • You must submit the fee.
  • Then, an inspection will be conducted to verify the manufacturing and testing infrastructure.
  • A sample of a product shall be drawn for testing.
  • If you can verify that the product is complying with the BIS standards, then the registration process will move forward.
  • The applicant has to pay an advance minimum marking fee.
  • The agreement Indemnity Bond shall be signed and a $10,000 USD performance bank guarantee must be furnished instantly.
  • The FMCS certificate will be issued.


To conclude, FMCS certification is mandatory for you. If your product matches the standard of the BIS FMCS product list, then you must obtain FMCS certification. Reach out to JR Compliance for BIS FMCS licensee.