According to the BIS Act, 2016, and the BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulation, 2018, the government has the authority to provide a license specifically to foreign manufacturers to sell their articles or goods in the Indian market.

It is mandatory for products to obtain a FMCS certificate. You are restricted from selling your products in the Indian market without the FMCS certificate. The BIS FMCS licensee process for obtaining the certificate can be tedious and complex, but with the help of our experts, you can make this process easier as we coordinate with the BIS officer.

In this article, you will explore the benefits of the BIS FMCS licensee and BIS FMCS licensee procedures to guide you.

How does FMCS Licence play an important role?

  • It is necessary to obtain FMCS for mandatory products because, without a certificate, you will not be able to sell or market your product in the Indian market.
  • A foreign manufacturer under FMCS is granted the license to use an Indian mark on a product, which confirms, as mentioned in the Indian Standards, that consumers prefer your product.
  • It helps you gain easy market access, which plays a massive role in marketing your products to a larger audience.
  • You get legal benefits.
  • Your products (brand) are recognized as reputed and credible because of FMCS certification.

Procedure for FMCS Process

  • The application form shall be filled out with the required documents.
  • The requisite fee will be paid.
  • A factory inspection shall be conducted to verify the product and testing infrastructure.
  • A sample of a product shall be drawn for independent testing.
  • Before the grant of a license, the applicant needs to pay the license fee and advance marking fee.
  • After the payment, the agreement indemnity bond shall be signed and a $10,000 (USD) Performance Bank guarantee should be furnished immediately after the grant of the license.
  • If your product complies with the BIS standard, then you will be issued an FMCS certificate.

What is the validity of the BIS Licence?

The BIS Certification, which is under Scheme I can be granted initially up to 1 or 2 years after the payment of the advance marking fee. The licence validity for the mentioned varieties is listed in the licence. For the extension, validity and varieties shall be covered in the licence, applications with the requisite fee and documents under the existing licence are required to be submitted. It may be renewed for up to five years from the last date of its validity.


In conclusion, BIS FMCS product certification in India is mandatory. As BIS FMCS licensee benefits and importance mentioned in the article prevail, you need to have FMCS. To make your BIS FMCS licensee process hassle-free, trust the service of JR Compliance. They have 8 years of experience in the industry. The experts will guide you and educate you in every step.