BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency)

BEE stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency, which is a statutory body under the authority of the Ministry of Power. According to the 2001 Act, the Government of India established provisions for energy conservation to encourage the efficient use of energy and its conservation. The BEE Bureau of Energy Efficiency was established on 1st March 2002, by the Government of India. 

Here is something you must know, BEE's role in coordinating with designated agencies, consumers, and other organizations. They recognize, identify, and utilize the existing resources and infrastructure in performing the role assigned to them under the Energy Conservation Act. It provides for regulatory and promotional functions.

BEE's mission is to develop strategies and policies with a push on self-regulation and market principles within the entire framework of the Energy Conservation Act of 2001. The main objective is to reduce the energy intensity of the Indian economy. BEE Certification will be achieved through the active involvement of all stakeholders, which will result in accelerated, sustained adoption of energy efficiency by all sectors of the economy.

Objectives of BEE

  • To provide the policy framework and navigation towards national energy conservation activities.
  • To coordinate with programs and policies on efficient use of energy and conservation with the coordination of stakeholders
  • To mobilize private sector, bilateral, and multilateral assistance for the execution of projects and initiatives aimed at conserving and optimizing energy consumption.

What are the benefits of BEE Star Level certification?

  1. It encourages the adoption of energy-efficient practices and technologies.
  2. Certified BEE products are designed to consume less energy without compromising on performance, leading to cost savings.
  3. BEE certification helps mitigate climate change and environmental sustainability.
  4. BEE certificate benefits are products that are preferred by consumers and help them make informed purchasing decisions.
  5. Globally, BEE helps facilitate the trade and exchange of energy-efficient products and technologies. 

Documents required for your company's registration

Two stages of registration:

  • Company registration 
  • Model registration

Company BEE Star Level certificate registration 

  • Cover letter as it is given in Annexure 1 and Annexure 2 for the new application and re-submission.
  • The company registration fee of Rs. 100000/- for large-scale and small-scale industries is required to pay Rs. 25000/- applicable for the registration of one product. You can fulfill the payment procedure online or by bank demand draft.
  • Print out the online company registration form, properly signed and stamped with the company brand seal.
  • Agreement between BEE & User label on Rs 100 non-judicial stamp ( each product requires separate agreement)

Apply Now For Bis Certificate

General Documents Sets that you should prepare:

  • Trade marks certificate
  • SSI certificate
  • Quality Management Certificate
  • Authorized Signatory Letter 
  • BIS License

Mandatory Documents for your Model registration 

  1.  Covering letter as given in Annexures 3 and Annexures 4 for new application.
  2.  The model registration fee for each model is Rs 1000/-
  3. Print out the online application form
  4.  printout of the Mandatory Form and Annexure Form is mandatory.
  5.  The test report should be signed and stamped with the company seal by the NABL-accredited lab. In-house test lab reports and acceptance will be provided by NABL
  6. Sample label-printed waterproof adhesive for each model should be stapled along with the online application form for that particular model. The color and design parameters of the sample label must strictly match the specifications according to the schedule of the respective equipment.

For more information on model registration documents and updated information regarding BEE, contact JR Compliance. 

The BEE Star Level Registration Process:

  • The application form should be filled out.
  • While filling out the form, you must have all the necessary documents and information that should be attached.
  • The next step is payment.
  • Your hard copy of the enclosures, which should have the signature of the authorized signatory and include the specimen of the BEE label, will be submitted as required. 
  •  You have to submit a hard copy of the enclosures as needed. It must include the authorized signatory's signature and contain a sample of the BEE label.
  • If your application is accepted by the BEE, you are allowed to use the BEE label.

(Additionally, to get a BEE Star Level certificate, you are required to get a test report from the NABL-accredited laboratory. It verifies whether your product is energy efficient or not. (After clearing the testing process, you have completed BEE certification.)

As a manufacturer, you should be aware that proper documents are filled out; otherwise, your application will get rejected.

How can JR help you attain the BEE Star Level Certificate?

  1. Our consultants will assist you in BEE certification documentation, evaluation, and examination of the product
  2. Our experts will coordinate with the BEE officer to ensure proper examination and testing.
  3. For updated information, consultants will continually be in contact with BEE officers and ensure follow-up.
  4. Ensure a smooth procedure for the BEE certification process for registration.
  5. Our consultant will provide complete help in filling out the application.
  6. Our team will schedule a meeting with the BEE officer for examinations and evaluations.


BEE Star Level certification is crucial for you to guarantee lower energy consumption. The process can be tricky and confusing for you because of several steps. We understand your problems.

JR Compliance has a Professional BEE Certification Consultants team that can help you achieve BEE certification easily. They provide top-notch services and keep you updated with the latest information.

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