What is GST Litigation? 5 Ways To Manage GST Litigation

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. GST Litigation refers to a legal dispute or conflict that arises related to the compliance of GST laws, applications, and regulations. It can occur between taxpayers, tax authorities, and different levels of government.

On July 1, 2017, major tax reforms in the form of a goods and services tax were introduced in India. The goal of the GST is "One nation, one tax."The process of Litigation under GST is getting more complex and harder for you and others. The ever-changing law of GST is another reason for it. 

It is crucial for your business to effectively manage GST Litigation to avoid financial losses, legal complications, and damages. This article is to inform you about all the necessary information regarding GST litigation management.

Let’s look at 5 ways you can manage your GST litigation.

1. GST law

Considering the GST law has undergone drastic changes, in each GST council meeting that has been conducted, new changes are introduced and implemented.

It is hardly possible for an individual or professional to be fully aware of the GST law. You should be updated with part of the law relating to the respective business or service, such as filing GST returns; input tax credit; and e-way bill generation. When matters get complex, you must hire someone professional who can work for you.

2. A brief analysis of show cause notice

As an alternative to relying on presumptions that the department's cause notice would be accurate, you should carefully review the same and make note of the following list:

  • Note whether the document identification number (DIN in GST) is correct or not.
  • Provision under which show cause notice is issued.
  • Check the applicability of said provision in the matter.
  • Time span covered in relation to the applicable statute of limitations.
  • Confirm figurative facts mentioned in the notice.

3. Do your initial homework before drafting the defense reply

After the verification of the facts, it is essential to complete your homework -

  • Form an opinion about whether the issue covered in the notice is valid or not, legally.
  • Carry out the necessary compliances as directed in the show cause notice. 
  • Next, go through the provisions of the law that are helpful. Segregate the documents that are required and useful while drafting a defense reply.

4. Easy process of drafting and submitting a defense reply

If the show cause notice and probable reply are clear, then drafting the defense reply becomes easier. You must take note while drafting a defense reply -

  • Respectfully, put all arguments against the allegation as mentioned in the notice.
  • Remember to mention relevant sections and rules as applicable in the matter.
  • Try to make points with the help of illustrations.
  • Attach the necessary documents with the defense reply.
  • After completing the drafting work of the defense reply and the same being verified, submit it to the departmental officer. Under GST, most of the defense replies need to be submitted online.

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5. Analyses by the Respective Departmental Officer

After the submission, the same will be analyzed by the respective departmental officer. Therefore, before the issuance of an order, the officer must provide an 

Opportunity to be heard by the department and keep your documents with you.

Take the Benefits of GST litigation:

  1. GST litigation can help your business avoid costly legal charges and lessen the financial losses that are associated with penalties.
  2. It can help businesses maintain good standing with tax authorities and avoid non-compliance issues.

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