Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) is a segment Department of Telecommunication (DoT), which was discovered in 1985 under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. WPC license is an important requirement to sell or distribute equipment in India - however, how to get a WPC license online application is still a majorly asked question.

Before answering this question, let’s understand why a WPC license is essential -

The fundamental reason behind the introduction of the WPC license is to monitor and allocate the radio frequency spectrum and issuance of the radio license. In a nutshell, it ensures that a product is safe and reliable. 

So, here it is established that - filing the WPC license online application holds importance, - let’s move to what the approvals issued by WPC -

What Are the Major Approvals Issued by WPC?

A Hassle-free Way to File WPC License Online Application

1. ETA approval

A manufacturer needs to obtain this approval if its product is operating in the de-licensed frequency. 

2. Demonstration license

It is a non-network type license and is required to demonstrate wireless equipment.

3. Experimental license

It is required to experiment on wireless equipment.

4. Internet Service Provider (ISP)

ISP is required by the firm which needs to provide internet services in India.

5. Import license

It is required by a manufacturer to import products in India.

Apart from this, the WPC license also includes a Dealer Possession License (DPL), Non-dealer Possession License (NDPL), and other licenses and JR Compliance is a one-stop-shop for all the license requirements.

Finally, let’s move on to how to get a WPC license online application -

How to Get A WPC License Online Application?

A Hassle-free Way to File WPC License Online Application

Step 1 - Filing of the registration form along with documents.

Step 2 - Submit the registration fee.

Step 3 - Product testing will be done to ensure conformity with standards.

Step 4 - A license will be issued if a product meets the requirements.

Once the license is issued, you can enter the Indian market seamlessly, however, let’s not forget, that getting a WPC license online application is quite comprehensive and it is always important to have someone who can give you professional advice.

To make the WPC license online application procedure hassle-free -

How We Will Help You in the WPC License Online Application?

  • Our WPC consultants in Delhi will help you understand each aspect of the WPC license.
  • We will file a WPC license online application on your behalf.
  • Our WPC consultants in India will complete the documentation on your behalf.
  • Our experts will invest their efforts in properly coordinating with the officials and laboratory for product testing.
  • Our experts will provide you with 24*7 assistance to resolve any query you may have.


Filing a WPC license online application is a seamless way to obtain a WPC license, however, it further includes comprehensive tasks like product testing, documentation, and more that makes it quite complex to understand each aspect of WPC.

That’s why, we - JR Compliance, a leading compliance service provider have come up with an integrated approach to meet your certificate requirements. Be it BIS certification, EPR Registration, or any other certification requirements - consider it done.